6.99 Great Clips Coupon [May 2020] (Updated Coupons)

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6.99 great clips coupon

6.99 Great Clips Coupon

6.99 Great Clips Coupon

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Very rare coupon offered by great clips!

Have you been looking for the right service and products for your hair care needs?

Great clips has you covered!

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Great Clips Contact Info

You can reach Great Clips Customer Service at 1-800-473-2825

1-952-893-9088 (Toll-Free US and Canada).

The Great Clips App also offers a feedback form.? Be sure to share your ideas and experiences with them.


About Great Clips

At Great Clips, employees strive to continue their founding fathers’ ultimate goal to provide a great walk-ins, no hassle, friendly and affordable hair salon experience.

The staff is dedicated to providing the very best service in the industry, and living up to the proud Great Clips name.

You will find that they offer a variety of hair care services and products at over 4,000 locations across Northern America.

Of those locations they hold over 1,200 prospering franchise ownerships where the Great Clips brand is made to stand out, it is apparent that this is achieved by making clients stand out.

Services vary by location but walking into any given store you would expect to see haircuts for the whole family as well as shampoo service, styling, bang, neck, and beard trimming, perms, and conditioning treatments.


Great Clips Franchise

The Great Clips franchise has made a name for themselves and many would say the household favorite to middle class families all over the country and into Canada, where in 2017 they celebrated the opening of their 150th store.

Which isn’t half bad but when you consider the numbers coming from the United States it might seem like they have some catching up to do, I don’t think the company is too worried about that though.

Great clips actually has a very impressive timeline of events if you look back all the way down to the two men that started it all; Lemmon and Rubenzer.

Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer started the Great Clips Business in 1982, a time when traditionally a haircut was either at home or in a fancy salon for women where they made the appointment and planned their schedules around the event; or a barber shop for men to go catch up on sports and have a cigar while they got lathered up and a straight razor cut as a form of relieving stress.

These sort of establishments are still around today of course however, this is more of a special occasion kind of treat.

For the most part when people want to go get a quick cut for themselves or their children, they think of the “walk-ins welcome” signs at the neighborhood Great Clips.


History Of Great Clips

Great Clips was first opened on September 22nd, 1982 around the Dinkytown area of the University Of Minnesota campus.

Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer opened the first Great Clips on the concept of a no appointment, walk-in hair care facility for the clients, and with benefits and ongoing training for the stylists.

They quickly grew popularity and so came the age of walk-in salons, they had developed and founded the entire concept of walk-in salons and revolutionized the industry into what we all know of today.

Had it not been for these two men, we very well may be still booking our hair appointment weeks or even months out, waiting and hoping nothing too dire comes up that we may have to cancel, and dealing with all of the headache that comes with putting yet another daunting task into our schedule.

Because of this revolution, Great Clips was wildly successful and soon stores were popping up all over the place.

With so many new sites opened, and more on there way; The long time friends decided that everyone that shared their dream should be able to have a piece of the Great Clips Pie; and so, with the realization that there was simply too much to do they went on to consult, and eventually bring in to the partnership, a Mr. Ray Barton.

In 1983 when they partnered with a man by the name of Ray Barton, they sat down to talk about a franchise expansion.

This seemed like the obvious thing to do since barely within a year of opening the load was already great, and there was plenty of opportunity to go around.

The First franchise location was opened on July 16th, 1983 in Brooklyn Center, MN. From there Great Clips skyrocketed across the country and by 1988 there were 150 salons open, that number kept rapidly climbing and just a short 9 years later had gone from 150 stores, to 1000 franchise operations in 1997.

A few more numbers to pull from the Great Clips’ timeline are in 2006, where again in the period of 9 years had boosted from 1,000 salons, to an impressive 2,500.

A few five years after that in 2011 Great Clips hit the 3,000 store mark.

Finally, just a few short years ago the brand that is common in every household, the company you can be talking to your friends about and everyone knows the name of, the revolutionary wonder and parent to the no fuss no muss no appointment needed here, just come let us cut your hair into a work of art salon…. The original walk-in heaven for hair, the Great Clips corporation? hit the 4,000 store mark!

Looking at all that Great Clips has accomplished since 1982 it really is amazing to see the constant progression, the building and continue to build of these franchise salons all over the United States and Canada.

Great clips hasn’t stopped there, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, today Great Clips is rocking an astronomical 4,300 stores throughout Northern America, and that’s not all they have up their sleeves!

Because of the wonderful support of the communities these stores are in, and the dedicated people sitting in the corporate seats up top,Great Clips is also able to do wonderful philanthropic work and volunteer activities through their foundation; “Great Deeds”.

This is their way of giving back to the community by donating to great causes year after year!

It is good to know that if your someone that cares for your fellow man, at least you can feel Great, look Great and get a Great Clip all in one place!



What kinds of products does Great Clips offer?

Great Clips has 3 lines of professional quality products; Solutions By Great Clips, Tea Tree Solutions By Great Clips, and Grit By Great Clips.

They also carry the following brands and choices vary by store: Matrix, Crew, Nioxin, Joico, Paul Mitchell, Bosely, and Redkin.

What services do Great Clips offer?

Great Clips offers a variety of services including: Haircuts for the whole family, Shampoo, Styling, Bangs, Neck and Beard Trim, Perm, and Conditioning treatment.

Why should I choose Great Clips?

Great clips is easy to make your preferred salon with the exceptional service from your stylist as they utilize the “clip” notes so you get a haircut you expect every time no matter which location you decide to go to.

It is so convenient to use the online check-in feature so when your ready, they are ready, plus the cost is always affordable, so go ahead and head in, there’s no appointment needed!


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