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Household Cleaner


Save up to 15% on Subscribe & Save Deals with Auto Deliveries

You can save up to 15% when receiving 5 or more products in a single month to a single address.

Best Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals

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Getting Started With Amazon Subscribe and Save


Amazon provides a broad range of unique options for users, each of which offers a myriad of benefits that are unique to this retailer.

One of their most recent changes was to create the service known as “Subscribe and Save.”

A growing number of reviews are popping up across the website detailing how this service works and the amount of money you can save.


Before you get started with this service, though, it is crucial to understand how to sign up and get started with it.

The following information will give you a detailed walkthrough discussing how to sign up for this service and how you can activate many of its savings.

Read through all these sections below to get the best insight into the benefits of this service.


Starting Your Subscription


Start by clicking on the “Subscribe and Save” store from the main menu of Amazon.

This page will give you some details on how you can utilize this service but mostly details a variety of unique products.

Look through the details of each item to get an idea of what is available and the average prices for specific items.


At this point, you can select any item that you want from the list, which includes a variety of household, grocery, health and wellness, beauty and personal care, baby care, and pet supplies.

Other products, such as books and music, are not included in the store because they are not consumable.

The items available here are mostly those that need to be replaced regularly, such as toothpaste, baby food, and dog treats.


Selecting Item Quantity


Once you have found some items that work for you, all you need to do is select the number of things that you want to purchase.

The number of items that you buy varies depending on supplies but is typically as high as you need.

After you have selected the number of products that you want with each delivery, you choose the delivery schedule.

The schedule varies from one month to six months, and once this time has passed, more goods will be delivered to your home.


The amount of cash that you save will vary depending on the number of items that you purchase for delivery.

These savings will be discussed in more depth in later sections but can be as high as 20 percent on certain things and in specific circumstances.

And if you want to cancel your subscription at any time, click on the item in your “Subscribe and Save” page and cancel. Any deliveries for which you’ve paid will be delivered, and then you won’t be charged again.


How Does Subscribe and Save Work?


Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” service helps to provide buyers with a myriad of savings on a multitude of everyday household items.

Fully understanding how it works can ensure that you maximize your potential savings with this beneficial delivery option.


Choosing Items You Want


After you select the number of items that you want to purchase every month, you need to link your deliveries to an address on your Amazon account.

The address to which you deliver doesn’t need to match the payment address, so you could deliver to friends, family members, or another residence if necessary.

Make sure that your payment info is up to date, though, to ensure your payments go through.


The number of items you buy is dependent entirely on your needs.

For example, you may get monthly deliveries of a single large container of 30 individual bottles of baby food for your child. In this scenario, you would get five percent off of the purchasing price of that container.

So if you spent $150 on that item usually, you would get five percent or $7.5 taken off of every delivery.


This five-percent saving level is locked until you surpass five or more items of a single product.

For example, if you purchased five bags of 30 small bags of chips for $20 each, your savings would jump to 15 percent for the total purchase price.

So the $100 you would typically pay for these five bags of chips would be discounted by $15, bringing the purchase price down to $85.


Savings Potential


The savings start to add up if you look at them over the long term. For example, a $15 savings stretched out over 12 months would be $180.

And if you save an average of $10 per scheduled item on “Subscribe and Save,” that’s $120 per item per year.

Extrapolating these savings even further showcases the money-saving potential of this service.

If you purchased just 10 items per months with this service and got $10 off each product every month, you’d save $1,200 per year on your groceries.


These savings are possible even if you pair them with the use of a coupon.

For example, if you have a 10 percent coupon for the same bags of chips mentioned above, you’d save another $10 per purchase, dropping the price down to $75 for the whole order.

And if these coupons can stack on multiple items of the same product, you could stack for more on the remaining bags for a further $40 off for a total cost of $35 for a $100 purchase.

These deals are rare, though, so don’t anticipate them occurring regularly.


How Subscribe and Save Helps You Save Money


Amazon typically provides its users with many different ways to save money, including options such as “Amazon Prime” and “Subscribe and Save.”

Many users may not understand how the latter service works, which is why it is vital to grasp the simple way that it saves you money.


Savings Vary Depending on the Number of Items You Buy


Subscribe and Save” is set up to save you a certain percentage of the purchase price of items that you need regularly delivered to your home.

Users must subscribe to a specific product, choose how many they need, and select a unique delivery time.

You can set up monthly to bi-yearly deliveries on multiple items to receive them all on the same day.


However, you can also create multiple delivery time tables, if necessary, to stagger when you receive items.

For example, you may only need bi-yearly deliveries of things such as shampoo but monthly shipments of baby diapers.

Savings vary depending on how many items you buy, with purchases under five products to a single address getting five percent and those at five or more getting 15 percent.


These higher savings for larger purchases are put into place as an incentive to buy in bulk.

Make sure that you genuinely need these items before you make a purchase to ensure that you don’t overpay for your deliveries.

For example, you may need only one tube of toothpaste per month if you live on your own but several every month if you have a large family.


Amazon Family


Amazon Prime subscribers may be eligible for 20 percent savings if they purchase items that fall under the “Amazon Family” heading.

Typically, products for babies and various everyday household items are included on this list. Baby food, diapers, and other items are among the most common listed here.


These savings are put into place due to the high demand that many consumers may have for these types of products.

For example, parents may need a steady supply of diapers to keep their baby clean.

Unfortunately, purchasing these items may be too costly for some individuals and make them buy cheaper alternatives that aren’t as nice or as comfortable as some diapers.


For example, if you usually spend $200 on diapers every month, you could purchase the same items from “Subscribe and Save” and get 20 percent off the purchase price.

That’s a savings of $40 per delivery, taking your diaper costs down to $160 per month.

Over a year, that’s a savings of nearly $500, which is like getting two and a half monthly supplies of diapers for free.


How to Manage Amazon Subscribe and Save Subscriptions


Once you are subscribed to Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” program, you can change up your account in a variety of different ways.

Fully understanding these options lets you manage your delivery needs in a streamlined and straightforward fashion.


Modify Your Payments


Click on the “Manage Your Subscriptions” button at the main page and find the item that you want to change.

Put your cursor over the product, and a window should pop up. Select the “Edit” button or tap the item if you are on a mobile device.

At this point, you can tweak your subscription in a variety of different ways to ensure that it is appropriately managed.


For example, you can select “Change Payment” to adjust how you want to pay for each delivery.

Change the payment method, as needed, and then click on “Apply Your Changes.”

From that point on, all purchases and shipments you get with this service will be applied to that payment option. You can change this payment choice at any time, as necessary.


Tweak Delivery Schedule


If you decide that you want to change your delivery schedule, you can always go to your “Subscribe and Save” account and select the “Edit” button as described in the previous section.

Once you have opened up the options in this way, you must click on the “Change Your Schedule” or “Change Your Quantity” buttons to upgrade your delivery.


At this point, you can change how often you want items delivered to your home or the number that you want in each delivery.

Any items that you’ve already purchased or which may be on their way after shipment are not affected by this change.

All over deliveries will be affected, however, so make sure that you have prepared for this change in advance.


You can also skip your next delivery by going into the editing menu and selecting “Skip Next Delivery” from this area.

After you have confirmed that you want to cancel the delivery, Amazon won’t charge you for these items or send them to you for the next month.

Again, any products which you have already purchased or that are being shipped to your home are not affected by this change.


Subscribe and Save FAQ


Is it worth buying many items to get the 15 percent discount?


If you genuinely don’t need more than four items during a delivery period, deciding to buy the extra one may be a tough decision.

For example, if you buy four packages of $5 toothpaste and get the five percent discount, you’ll save $1 on the purchase for a total of $19.


However, if you decide to buy a fifth package and get the 15 percent savings, you’ll save $3 on the purchase for a total of $22 down from $25.

That’s just three dollars more than if you purchased four. While that doesn’t pay the total cost of the extra tube of toothpaste, it may be beneficial if you need it.


Q: Can users stack coupons with this service?


Amazon produces many coupons that can help you save cash on your purchases, and these deals are stackable on “Subscribe and Save” accounts.

Many of these products are compatible only with “Subscribe and Save” products, so make sure that you research each deal before you attempt to use it.


Q: When am I charged for delivery?


Typically, your credit card is only charged for products after they have been shipped.

And since prices aren’t locked on orders after the first, want to pay attention to your deliveries.

You may find coupons to apply or to cancel the delivery if the price goes up and you don’t want to get the item that month.


How often do the coupons change?


“Subscribe and Save” coupons change periodically, often weekly, and feature a myriad of different items from the available store.

Subscribers often get newsletters in their e-mail tracking what deals are available.

Clicking on these deals should take them directly to the store, where they can subscribe to a new item or apply a coupon for items they already purchased.


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