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Biolife promo codes

BioLife Promo Codes

Use the promo code BIOLIFEFB150 and get $150.00 when you make 3 donations.? (March 2019)

BioLife Coupon Codes

Get $300.00 when you make five donations

Use the promo code DONOR300 and get $50.00 on the primary, $60.00 on the 2nd, $50.00 on the 3rd, $60.00 on the 4th, and $80.00 on the 5th donation.

Use the coupon code CRAIGSLIST300 when you use the Biolife app to get $300.00 on your first 5 donations.? After your first donation, you will receive $50.00 and $60.00, and then 80.00 on your 5th donation.


What does Biolife Plasma Services do?

Biolife Plasma Services collect high-quality plasma from qualified donors in their Plasma collection centers located in 30 states across the United States.

Biolife Plasma Services process donors’ plasma into Plasma Protein Therapies (PPTs) for treating rare genetic and chronic disorders.

Biolife Plasma Services provides/supply transfusion-ready life-saving plasma protein-based therapeutics to end users/patients living with congenital and rare diseases in order for them to be able to live a normal life.

Biolife Plasma Services undertakes research and development into new breakthrough therapies in plasma services to enhance the efficiency of their current product and services and future development.

Biolife Plasma Services currently produce five key plasma protein therapeutics (PPTs) namely hemophilia infusion for treating blood clot-related deficiencies; therapeutic protein albumin for treating blood volume loss; IGIV for the treatment of primary immune deficiencies; chronic augmentation infusion for patient suffering from congenital deficiency of alpha 1-antitrypsin with clinically evident emphysema due to low level or lack of ATT; Hemostatic agents used to induce natural blood clotting in surgical procedures.

Biolife also carries out donor advocacy to educate and encourage donors.

What is Plasma?

Plasma also called blood plasma, is the pale yellow liquid portion of the blood that can be easily replaced by the body.

It is the means of transportation by which mineral, hormones, and nutrients travel to different cells of the various organs of the body.

It is also the means through which waste from cellular metabolism travel to the kidneys, liver, and lung.

Plasma is also essential for regulating blood pressure and keeping it in a healthy range.

The plasma is about 55% of the blood components. Even though blood is red, blood plasma is pale yellow.

Plasma can only be obtained from healthy 18-year-olds and above, as it cannot be produced synthetically.

Plasma is 90% water, however, it has other components like, antibodies which helps the body to fight off disease; minerals, salt; proteins like albumin, globulins, and fibrinogen; plasma growth hormones (somatotropin) which is responsible for regenerative growth.

To extract plasma from a donor, the donor is expected to be an adult, weight not less than 110 pounds, and must have passed the compulsory medical and physical examinations.

This is to ensure the plasma is healthy and fit for patients in need.

The process for donating plasma is a bit different from blood donation.

In blood donation, the blood is drawn straight into a collecting bag and it is sent straight to the lab.

However, in plasma donation, the blood is drawn from the donor, then it is fractionalized into its various component and the plasma is removed, then the rest of the blood components is returned into the donor’s bloodstream.

The process of donating plasma is known as the plasmapheresis process.

How is Plasma used?

Plasma collected at Biolife Plasma services are used in the development of wide ranges of Plasma Protein Therapeutics (PPTs) that are required in the treatment of rare, genetic and life-threatening conditions like immune system problems, cancer of the bone marrow and white blood cell, hemophilia A&B, Von Willebrand disease, hepatitis, rabies, tetanus, rh negative pregnancy, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) and other rare genetic diseases.

In using plasma, it is administered through various means depending on the diseases.

Plasma transplant is needed to treat cancer of the bone marrow and white blood cell (leukemia), while hemophilia A and B, a genetic disorder, can only be treated with plasma replacement therapy; Von Willebrand disease is also treated with transfusional therapy with plasma products.

Who is eligible to be a donor?

General Guideline:

Eligibility: To be eligible as a donor, you must be at least 18 years old. Must be weight at least 110 pounds.

Health: You must pass all necessary health screening and be healthy on the day scheduled for your donation.

Identification: The donor is required to produce a form of identification; that must include a photo showing the donor clearly, include a signature, date of birth and donor identification number?(SSN, in lieu of SSN, the donor can use any of PRC, BCC, Laser Visa Number).

Any of the listed identification means is acceptable as long as they contain all the biometric information and photo id of the donor.

Identification means can be a driver’s license, valid passport, birth certificate, social security card or ID issued by a government agency, US military, school, employment or the state. A permanent residence card issued by CIS is also valid. EXPIRED or illegible identification are not acceptable.

Proof of Address: Any of the means of identification listed above can serve as your proof of address. If you lived over 40 miles away from the nearest Biolife donation facility, do call the center ahead of your initial visit to confirm eligibility. Utility bills or a signed lease agreement with your current landlord is also acceptable. An exception may apply to college students and military personnel.

Medicals: Eligible is subject to donor passing all required medical examination at a Biolife Plasma Services center. Biolife might be unable to provide this service via phone call.
Prior to your first plasma donation, and annually thereafter; staff of Biolife Plasma Services will conduct an examination of your medical history, blood test, and physical examination.

Medical History consists of a series of questions about your past and current health history including possible exposure to infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.
You will also undergo a self-assessment via an electronic questionnaire on a touch screen system.

Your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature will be examined after that, then you will undergo a test for anemia (hematocrit) and protein level, few drops of blood will be drawn from your finger for these tests.

Drugs and Medication
If you drank alcohol on the day you plan to donate, you will not be allowed to donate on that day. Individual showing physical and mental effect of alcohol abuse are not eligible for plasma donation.
If you are undergoing treatment with antibiotics, you may be eligible for plasma donation, subject to the nature of your ailment.
If you are on birth control pills, you are eligible to be a donor.
If you have received Immunization and Vaccination, your eligibility is dependent on the nature of your immunization and vaccination and whether you have any symptoms prior to donation.

Donor’s compensation
After donation, the donor is compensated with the Biolife Debit Card which gives donor access to monetary compensation on their account.

It is loaded each time the donor donate plasma at one of the Biolife Plasma Services Center.

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