Can You Double Coupons At Walmart? Step-by-Step Guide

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can you double coupons at walmartCan you double Coupons at Walmart?


Anybody who wants to get into extreme couponing typically tries to find stores that allow doubling or tripling. And since Walmart is one of, if not the, largest retailer in the world, many up-and-coming coupon pros may want to expand their operation here. Unfortunately, they may not end up liking what they hear when they try to use double coupons at a Walmart.


Walmart Does Not Allow Double Coupons


Let’s not labor the point too much here: Walmart does not allow double or triple coupon stacking of any kind. Walmart was one of the first major corporations to deny doubling after the advent of extreme couponing shows. Their official policy very succinctly states that all manufacturer coupons can be used just once for a product, putting an end to all doubling options.


It should be noted, though, that very few companies of Walmart’s size do allow doubling. Check any list of stores that double coupons and you’re not likely to see stores like Target or other huge corporations. These companies already offer discounted prices on items and doubling coupons would cut into what can be pretty thin profit margins, even for a substantial business.


Therefore, locally-owned stores or chains are most likely to double or triple coupons. Those who do often have a specific day on which they double or triple and limit the value of these savings. Typically, these stores allow doubling as a way of getting business from larger retailers and as a way of building loyalty with customers who either don’t like large retailers or who want to help out local businesses.


That said, people who prefer Walmart or who have no other options can still save a lot of money by shopping here. Thankfully, Walmart is open to many types of money-saving tips and tricks, most of which will be outlined below. Make sure to read through all of these methods if you plan on going to Walmart on a couponing trip any time soon.


Tips and Tricks for Saving Money at Walmart


People who want to save money at Walmart should:


  • Try to Plan for Overage ? Unlike many retailers, Walmart does allow for coupon overage. This result typically occurs if the coupon is worth more than the product cost. Those savings are then applied to your overall savings. Typically, the register will beep when this happens to let you know that you’re, essentially, getting a product for free.


  • Use the Rebate App ? Download Savings Catcher and other types of rebate apps ? such as Checkout 51 or Ibotta ? and look for deals offered on these sites. These apps allow you to apply specific rebates to products offered at Walmart. Savings Catcher utilizes deals by Walmart while other sites provide their own rebates. You may be able to get bigger savings in this way, as long as you are persistent.


  • Use Internet-Based Coupons ? Seek out various couponing websites to find internet-based deals that you can print out and take to Walmart. As long as the print is clear and the bar code scannable, shoppers can utilize these coupons. As always, make sure that the deal provided by the coupon is current to avoid complications if you try to check out. Also, make sure that the coupon is valid: many people try to print fake deals from sites they might not realize are a scam. If anybody ever asks you to buy a subscription to a coupon site, it is likely a scam site.


  • Stack Coupons on Multiple Items ? While Walmart only allows one manufacturer coupon type per purchase, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same type of coupon with other products. For example, if you have a $0.50 coupon for shelled peanuts, use multiple coupons to buy several bags. If the bags cost $3.00 before the coupons and you purchase three using the $0.50 coupon, you saved $1.50 or about half the cost of one bag.


  • Understand Coupon Policy ? The best when shopping at any retailer is to understand their coupon policy fully and to know how it affects coupon acceptance. For example, you might find a confused cashier rejects your coupon because they don’t understand the policy. Explain this to them softly ? and without anger ? to get the best results.


  • Don’t Get Too Angry ? If, however, the cashier still tries to refuse your coupon, call over their manager to sort out the confusion. The manager will fully understand the policy and will try to please everyone in the situation. Remember, though, that stores have full discretion to refuse your coupon even if it is otherwise valid.


  • Pick a Smart Shopping Time ? When a store runs out of an item on sale, frustration may run high. However, you can avoid this problem by picking a quick shopping time. Typically, 7-11 in the morning is best because the managers are ensuring the store is properly stocked before the daytime rush. Try to avoid the first three days of the month, as well, as people who receive food stamps typically go there during this period and stock up on big deals.


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