Can you extreme coupon at Walmart? Step-by-Step Guide

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can you extreme coupon at walmartCan you extreme coupon at Walmart?


The concept of extreme couponing was relatively unknown until a glut of reality shows showcased the lengths that many people go to every week to trick the system and get a large number of products for relatively low prices. These hit shows have inspired a whole new generation of extreme coupon enthusiasts who want to save money and avoid paying too much money.


Many of these individuals may be interested in checking out Walmart, as this retailer is one of the largest in the world. However, Walmart did not become successful by providing outlandish deals to their many customers. Walmart severely restricts extreme couponing in a way that makes giant savings nearly ? but not quite ? impossible to accomplish.


Extreme Couponing is Thrilling Art


People who enjoy extreme couponing use methods known as doubling and tripling their coupons. This term details the process of using multiple one-item coupons on a single product. For example, many people on extreme couponing shows would take a $1.00 coupon for, say, toilet paper and find multiple copies of it from friends, neighbors, or family members. They’d then stack that coupon ? usually limited at three uses ? on one product to take off even more money.


Other extreme couponing methods included stacking BOGO coupons in a multitude of ways and combining them with other deals. This method also used store-based deals as a way of increasing the deal even more. For example, the manufacturer may create a sale for 50 percent off one item while the store has a BOGO offer on the same product. Stacking coupons in this way can significantly decrease the cost of a product in a variety of ways.


For example, if you used a 50 percent coupon with a BOGO deal on $5.00 pizzas, you’d pay $2.50 for two pizzas. And by combining multiple copies of each of these coupons on purchases of the same type of item, you could save even more. For example, stacking the same pizza deal on six pizzas, you’d pay $7.50 total on what would typically be $30 worth of pizzas. And these deals are all very legal and within your buying rights.


However, these shows had both good and bad effects when they showcased such behavior. The good side was that more people could attempt to take advantage of these great deals. However, the bad aspect is that more businesses learned how to prevent these kinds of behaviors by tweaking their coupon policies. And Walmart ? always a smart corporation ? was one of the first to curtail these extreme couponing activities.


Walmart Severely Limits This Activity


The short answer to ?can you extreme coupon at Walmart?? is a decided and unfortunate ?no.? Walmart noticed this coupon stacking trend very early and nipped it in the bud by limiting the number of times a ticket could be used on one item. Simply put, you can only use one manufacturer coupon on the affected object. Doubling and tripling are never allowed, which effectively puts an end to extreme couponing at Walmart.


That said, Walmart is an interesting company because they also offer a variety of generous deals for its customers. The popularity of the store resides in its inexpensive purchasing options, a fact which has helped minimize the negative PR impact caused by their extreme couponing ban. Besides, Walmart typically sets up many deals that other similar retailers do not, which provide shoppers with plenty of chances to save money when at this shop.


For example, Walmart utilizes its popular Savings Catcher app to provide people like you with cash. This app automatically matches Walmart Pay purchases with prices offered by competitors. If the competitor offers a lower cost, Walmart matches it and sends you a small rebate in a digital gift card. The trick here is that Walmart is almost always the cheapest place to shop in town. So while there are savings opportunities here, you can’t tap into it for extreme couponing.


Ways to Potentially Save Money


Although extreme couponing is not a real option at Walmart, there are many ways you can still save money, such as the following methods:


  • Shop Early in the Morning ? Catch the best deals and make sure you get products to match your coupons by shopping at around 7-11 in the morning, which is when most stores stock their shelves.

receive special savings and rebates

  • Consider a Walmart Credit Card ? People who shop at Walmart using their Walmart credit card may receive special savings and rebates. Talk to your nearest store to get a better idea of what deals they may offer you.

try them at Walmart anyway

  • Try Expired Coupons ? If you have coupons that just expired, you may want to try them at Walmart anyway. Sometimes, the cash registers haven’t been programmed to reject those coupons yet and you may save a little money.


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