Can You Scan Coupons From Your Phone At Walmart? Complete Guide

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can you scan coupons from your phone at walmart

Can you scan coupons from your phone at Walmart?


Many shoppers enjoy scanning coupons from their phone as a way of collecting their tickets and saving money. However, Walmart does not typically allow scanned coupons from a phone at their stores. Though this service was once available in many stores, it has been pulled back or severely limited and is unlikely to make a return in the near future.


However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your phone to track coupons for Walmart. Thankfully, many apps help to make this process much more comfortable and generate extra savings options for your shopping trip. And while you won’t be able to scan these coupons right off of your phone at the cash register, you can utilize them in a multitude of other beneficial ways that are worth exploring.


Many Sites Print Walmart Coupons


Walmart typically prints fliers with a broad array of coupons. These fliers go into print every week and showcase new deals that buyers can utilize. However, many websites have printable coupon options that you can use for Walmart. For example, provides a section dedicated to these deals. Just click on what is available, check their expiration date, and print them out.


As Walmart does accept printed versions of digital coupons, this option is completely legitimate. However, shoppers must make sure that the coupon contains several elements to ensure that they will be accepted. Unfortunately, even a legitimate coupon could be denied if a poor printer causes issues with the following elements:


  • The phrase ?Manufacturer Coupon?


  • The expiration date


  • The product description


  • The bar code


The last element on this list is particularly important to consider because it may affect the scan of the coupon at the cash register. If all other elements of the coupon are apparent but the bar code cannot be read, the coupon won’t work. So make sure to invest in a high-quality printer to ensure that this coupon prints smoothly and efficiently for the cashiers.


And yes, you can print these coupons off of your phone if it is compatible with your printer. Make sure to check the ticket before printing, though, to ensure that there are no errors with its design that could complicate its presentation. For example, the resolution should be as clear as you can find, HD if possible, and the connection speed between the phone and printer should also be very high.


Savings Catcher Improves This Process


Although Walmart’s rebate-based Savings Catcher app doesn’t display manufacturer coupons, it is the best way to find great deals using your phone. This app automatically verifies the price differences between products sold at Walmart and with local competitors. If that competitor offers a lower price, Savings Catcher automatically sends you the difference as a Savings Catcher eGift Card.


In a way, this service works like coupons from your phone by providing you with deals that you can’t get in any other way. However, Savings Catcher only goes into effect after you have purchased any number of items from at Walmart. This fact might seem obvious but must be pointed out. The whole process starts by scanning a digital receipt from a recent Walmart purchase of any size. At this point, all items are compared using the Savings Catchers software.


Typically, the savings you’ll accumulate on the card will be minimal with each purpose. For example, you might only save $0.10 on one receipt or $0.75 on another. However, you can continually scan receipts to add money to the card, slowly building up a higher level of deals. One smart way to use this option is to let cash build up on the card for years until it reaches a high level.


Then, you can go shopping with the card and make a purchase using the savings you have earned. People with Savings Catcher on their phone can use it either at a cash register in person, when utilizing online payment methods, or with Walmart Pay. You need to remember, though, that only purchases made with Walmart Pay qualify for Savings Catcher. If you plan on using this service in the future, you will need to sign up for Walmart Pay as soon as possible to start your savings quest.


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