Can You Use Coupons At Self-Checkout At Walmart? Complete Guide

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can you use coupons at self checkout at walmart

Can you use coupons at self-checkout at Walmart?


Walmart was one of the first companies to integrate self-checkout into their service options. This smart choice has created an industry of self-directed shopping that looks to change the retail world forever. And, thankfully, Walmart was smart enough to let customers use coupons in self-checkout lines.


Walmart Allows Coupons at Self-Checkout


Walmart’s self-checkout lines are some of the most popular in the retail world and provide shoppers with a more natural way to buy a handful of items without standing in line for too long. Just as importantly, self-checkout can be a useful tool for those who are trying to save money because they can let them focus on just a few things for which they have coupons rather than a massive haul of goods.


Thankfully, Walmart is smart enough to understand this fact and, therefore, allows coupons at their self-checkout. Not every company is that forward-thinking, oddly, though most these days understand what customers want from their services. All coupons are accepted in self-checkout, which makes this an excellent option for those who hate standing in line for too long but who still want to save cash.


How to Use Coupons at Self-Checkout


Walmart focuses very heavily on different aspects of its operation to improve its success: good savings and ease of use. As a result, their self-checkout machines are among the most accurate and easy to understand. In most cases, a minimum of issues is likely to occur. This benefit is particularly true for coupon scanning.


Thankfully, Walmart deliberately designed its self-checkout coupon use to be as simple as possible. However, people interested in this option deserve a simple rundown of how self-checkout handles coupons. Follow this process below to get the best results out of your Walmart coupons:


  • Scan All of Your Items First ? Just like when using physical coupons with a cashier, you need to scan your coupons at the end of the buying process when using self-checkout. Doing so helps to streamline the situation and make it easier. It’s impossible to scan coupons in a self-checkout first without scanning all of your items.


  • Choose the Coupon Scan Option ? Once you’ve done scanning your purchases, click on ?Select Payment Type? to bring up a multitude of options. Instead of choosing your payment right now, click on ?Coupons.? At this point, you should be directed to scan in your coupons or to enter the code. This choice helps to make the process smoother.


  • Carefully Scan Each Coupon ? Place each coupon face down on the scanning bed to read its bar code. Walmart scanners typically scan well enough to avoid too many errors. You may have to move the coupon around a little, straighten it out, or focus on other scanning areas to get a result. Don’t hesitate to experiment until you get the best result.


  • Insert Scanned Coupons Properly ? After you have scanned the coupon, you will be asked to insert the coupons into the machine. This slot where you place the coupon is a storage area where the scanned coupons are removed and then sent to the company that counts the tickets and reimburses Walmart for their use.


  • Put Aside Failed Coupons ? While you scan your coupons, there is a chance that machine may say that the coupon ?doesn’t match? any of the items you have scanned. This situation occurs quite regularly with self-check coupons and might be a simple misunderstanding. Put the coupon to the side and continue scanning until you’ve finished.


  • Input Coupon Codes ? Those who have codes for other types of coupons can try adding them here to get results. Simply input the proper code using the digital number pad. Like with ?doesn’t match? messages, though, there is a good chance that you might need help with this process until you’ve mastered it.


  • Ask for Help ? If you ran into any scanning issues ? such as a ?doesn’t match? message ? when scanning coupons, call over an associate. Walmart typically has one or two people near self-checkout who can help you with these issues. They’ll see what happened with your coupons and enter a code to ensure that things go smoothly.


At any point during this process, you should feel comfortable asking any managers for help. While this is a very straight forward and simple method of coupon use, you could make a mistake, or the machine could make an error that requires a professional to sort through quickly.


Thankfully, self-checkout has become such a standard operation that most people who work at Walmart should know how to figure out the problem. These days, most self-checkout machines have self-diagnostic methods that make figuring out problems a lot easier. Once the attendant knows what is wrong, they can input codes and help you get the coupon savings that you deserve.

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