Can You Use Coupons At Walmart Grocery Pickup? Complete Guide

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can you use coupons at walmart grocery pickup

Can you use coupons at Walmart Grocery Pickup?


People who shop at Walmart likely want to save as much money as possible in a variety of unique ways. For example, a growing number of people have started to use Walmart Grocery Pickup as a way of saving themselves both time and money. Do coupons work with this unique shopping option or are you out of luck if you want to save?


How Walmart Grocery Pickup Works


Walmart Grocery Pickup provides you with the chance to buy all the groceries you need without having to travel through a busy shop and deal with long checkout lines. This online shopping method lets you choose the groceries that you want from a Walmart near you and then purchase the groceries using protected online payment methods. However, these groceries are not delivered to you a few days later in the mail but are prepared for pickup by a local Walmart near you.


After you finish shopping with this service, you set up a pickup time ? there are limitations, of course, as this service takes some time to finish ? and then travel to Walmart at that time. Your groceries will then be delivered to your car and packed into it for you, all while you wait comfortably behind the driver’s wheel. As a result, you’ll not only be able to avoid walking through stores for extended periods but can finish multiple shopping trips in a brief period, creating excellent options for your buying needs.


And while this option isn’t available at every Walmart across the country, a growing number of stores are utilizing it to streamline the buying process. Though it often takes several of their employees some time to gather all of the goods, stores with this service often have specific workers who focus on just this task rather than on multiple other jobs.


As a result, you can get your products reasonably quickly, though the exact available pickup times will vary depending on a multitude of factors, including other orders in their service. Typical waiting periods include anywhere from 45 minutes all the way up to two hours. Make sure to choose a window that makes it easy for you to get to the store on time and with a minimum of fuss.


Busy parents who have a lot of kids may find this service is particularly beneficial for their shopping. Rather than having to take all of the kids into the store, track their movement, and deal with them asking for random items that catch their eye, you can keep them in the car the whole time. For kids who hate going into stores, this is a great choice.


As a result, your shopping experience will not only be more efficient but less exhausting. Even better, you can save yourself money by buying just what you need and by missing out on the random ?Oh I need this? types of buys everyone does when browsing through the selection of a retailer like Walmart.


Coupons Cannot Be Used With Walmart Grocery Pickup


The only major downside of using Walmart Grocery Pickup is that they don’t allow the use of manufacturer coupons. You cannot scan these coupons online when buying products nor can you present the tickets to the people who load your groceries. Most of the time, these people are too busy to take the time to look at your coupons. Just as importantly, Walmart does not allow coupon use here, so they cannot take tickets anyway.


However, you can pair up your Walmart Savings Catcher app with this service to get big deals. Savings Catcher will compare your products with other items near you and will provide you with the cash difference if a competitor offered the product for less money. Those who want to get the most of Walmart Grocery Pickup should use this app as much as possible to offset their use of coupons.


And if you have clipped coupons that you want to use to save a lot of money, you should try to set up a trip to the same Walmart to do your shopping in person. While this does offset the benefits of Walmart Grocery Pickup, occasional coupon-dedicated trips help provide you with real savings. For example, you can set up Walmart Grocery Pickup for essential items that you regularly need, such as food, and use the Savings Catcher app to ensure that you save as much money as possible with this buying option.


Then, you can clip out big deals for items that you might not need regularly or which you don’t mind going to pick up. For example, BOGO deals on your family’s favorite soda brand just cannot be ignored. Clip all of these coupons and put them in your coupon book to make them easier to access. Then, take a trip with your family to buy all of the coupon-related items that your home needs. Try to balance these trips with your Walmart Grocery Pickup to get the best results.


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