Can You Use Coupons At Walmart? Complete Guide

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Can you use coupons at walmart

Can you use Coupons at Walmart?


Walmart provides shoppers with many great products at discounted prices. However, individuals who shop here may be interested in saving even more money by using coupons. And while Walmart does accept coupons, the chances of successful extreme couponing here is meager.


Walmart Still Takes Coupons


Walmart is not known as a business that is friendly to extreme coupon use. Their coupon policy severely limits this type of action. Simply put, all manufacturer or store-based deals can be used just once at a cash register. As a result, people who want to walk away from Walmart paying almost nothing for their groceries will be disappointed.


However, individuals can still take advantage of a few unique tricks of the trade when trying to use coupons at Walmart. Before trying these approaches, though, individuals must know as many of the Walmart coupon policies as possible. By fully understanding these rules, you can figure out a few ways to sneak around them and save yourself a little bit of money.


Just as importantly, you can also avoid running into any complications or confusion at the cash register. While all Walmart cashiers receive training on coupon use, some cashiers may be new and not understand the ways that certain types of coupon policies work. However, if you know these policies before you walk into the store, you can help the cashiers understand them more fully.


Examples of Walmart Coupon Policies


The following Walmart coupon policy items will help make shopping at Walmart much easier for those who want to try out couponing for themselves:


  • Basic Manufacturer Coupon Policy ? Walmart states that they gladly accept all valid paper manufacturer coupons for products that they sell. The policy states that all coupons must scan at the register properly and should not be expired. Expiration dates can be looser than expected, though, in some circumstances.


  • Maximum Coupons Accepted Per Item ? Walmart strictly limits shoppers to one paper manufacturer coupon per item. This limitation means that you cannot double or triple coupons to activate extra savings. However, Walmart also follows all manufacturer limitations on specific coupons and does not limit the total number of coupons used for all the items in a transaction.


  • Important Coupon Information ? Before Walmart accepts a coupon, it must have the phrase ?Manufacturer Coupon? printed on its surface. It must also have a GSI bar code, a valid remit billing address, and a valid expiration date. So if a coupon was torn out improperly and the bar code cannot be scanned, the store likely won’t accept it. Important fact: some expired Walmart coupons may scan days after their expiration date due and, if they do, they will be accepted.


  • BOGO Coupon Acceptance ? Walmart accepts the use of BOGO or Buy One Get One Free coupons. As expected, though, you cannot double or triple these coupons on a single product for extra savings. You also cannot apply a second BOGO coupon to the free product from the first BOGO transaction. However, multiple BOGO coupons may be accepted as long as you continually buy at least one product to trigger the free extra item.


  • Presentation Time Policy ? When using coupons at Walmart, you must present them to the cashier at the time of the purchase and not after you have already paid for the products. Nor can you bring in a receipt for past purchases and attempt to get coupon savings. Walmart is very strict on such behavior, and no stores will accept coupons paired with closed transactions, even if you just finished a moment before.


  • Coupon Matching Policy ? All coupons must match a product sold by Walmart. Factors in this matching include the brand, size, quantity, color, flavor, and any other descriptors. For example, a sale on a one-pound bag of cherry candies from one brand does not apply to one-pound bags of grape candies by the same manufacturer. And Walmart is not responsible for ensuring a constant stock of all sale items, so if you can’t find a product to match a coupon, you cannot use it until stock is available.


  • Overage Policy ? Walmart is one of the few major retailers who provide overage on coupon transactions. For example, if a coupon drives the price of a product lower than a purchase price, Walmart will give the buyer money back. However, Walmart does not allow overage or cash back on SNAP items or WIC items.


Clever use of coupon options, like BOGO purchases, can help you save more money than you might expect at Walmart. However, anybody who thinks that they can trick Walmart into owing them money on most purchases is likely to be disappointed. While overage may be occasionally possible, the cash back is likely to be pennies for each product purchased.


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