Can You Use Manufacturer Coupons Online At Walmart? Complete Guide

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can you use manufacturer coupons online at walmartCan you use manufacturer coupons online at Walmart?


Online shopping at Walmart may not quite reach the same levels as Amazon, but it isn’t too far behind these days. A growing number of people are making the switch to online shopping and getting a large number of items quickly delivered to their home. Paired with Walmart Grocery Pickup, there’s a good chance many people will never set foot in a Walmart but buy its goods all the time.


Therefore, individuals who enjoy shopping online with Walmart need to understand their digital coupon policy. Manufacturer coupons for various types of products can be implemented both in the digital realm and the brick-and-mortar store. Fully understanding how to use these coupons will make implementing them in your online shopping much more comfortable and more effective for your needs.


Manufacturer Coupons Seem to Be Allowed Online


Walmart’s online coupon use policy is fairly low-key in its wording. They state that they accept only one paper manufacturer coupon per item. Obviously, a paper coupon used online is a little different than the one used offline. Typically, the ticket needs to be either scanned or have a digital code that can be inputted into the proper text box when making a purchase.


For example, sites like Groupon provide digital coupons that you can apply to your Walmart account. These coupons require a small code, one that is inputted directly into the text box to get the desired transaction effect. Many of these Groupon coupons can also be printed off and used in a store, which makes them seem adaptable enough for online use as well as store transactions.


There are restrictions to these coupons that must be understood before attempting a purchase. For example, they do not accept internet coupons for free items that have no purchase requirements. This statement typically refers to promotional items that don’t require a purchase to own. You’ll usually know these types of coupons when you see them: they’ll appear to be too good to be the real deal.


Before you attempt to try out this type of online coupon use at Walmart, though, you should understand how to enter these coupons online to get the best result. Thankfully, the use of online coupons has been streamlined to such a point that shopping with and implementing these items is incredibly easy. The following section will include detailed instructions for those who either don’t understand this process or anyone who needs a slight refresher on it.


How to Enter Coupons Online


If you have manufacturer coupons that you want to use on Walmart’s shopping page, you need to follow the tips below for performing the process accurately:


  • Sign On to the Walmart Shopping Site ? Login to your active Walmart account to start shopping. Make sure that your internet connection is strong to improve your shopping speed.


  • Collect Your Manufacturer Coupon Codes ? Write down all of the coupon codes available for your manufacturer deals and arrange them in a simple and easy-to-read fashion.


  • Find the Items That You Want to Buy ? Go through your search list and add all the items that you want to your basket. Make sure that they accurately match the coupon description, including the brand, sizing, quantity, and more.


  • Click on the Coupon Text Box ? Left-click on the coupon text box and enter your coupon code. Hit ?Apply Coupon Code? to enter it into your shopping cart. Repeat this process for each of your coupons until you’ve entered them all properly.


  • Finish Up ? Click on ?Check Out? to begin the final process. Supply your shipping information ? typically already input if you have an account ? and select your Payment Methods. At this point, you can also add a gift card to save even more money but only if you have one.


Repeat these simple steps anytime that you have goods with coupons. You may also want to consider using Walmart Pay, if possible, for these online goods. If you can, you can save even more money by using the Savings Catcher app. Unfortunately, many digital purchases may have limitations on using this payment method.

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