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ChowNow Promo Codes


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About ChowNow Company


Christopher Webb and Eric Jaffe founded the company ChowNow in 2011.

Since its launch in March of 2012 at Chicago’s National Restaurant show, it has reached all 50 states and thousands of restaurants.

ChowNow is an online ordering system and food ordering app based out of Los Angeles California; and they have conceptualized a specific service that gives the consumer what it is they are really interested in, options!

When you think about it, it gives some originality as well.

A lot of the small business restaurants don’t exactly have the money to pay for a delivery service, much less have commission taken out of every order, and when they do, it is often at the expense of the customer when they have to raise the prices.

Either way, it creates a rift between satisfied customers and hard-working small business owners.


Christopher Webb and Eric Jaffe realized this and how it can potentially be overlooked as a problem that would need dedicated attention; and so did a lot of big named investors as well.

They hit the ground running in March of 2012 and within their first 10 months they had raised an astonishing 4 million dollars, and that funding was in part by Accelerator Launchpad LA.

After that, they reached an admirable 3 Million dollars in funding by the end of the same year; closing Second round by working with Incubator Launchpad and also with GRP partners.

Other noteworthy Investment firms that agreed with ChowNow about the need for their service in the food industry; are Steadfast Venture Capital, Daher Capital, Karlin Ventures, Canyon Creek Capital, Clark Landry, and Upfront Ventures.

Collectively ChowNow has gotten over 40 Million to date funded.

This helped them with the company expansion and upgrading their product line, which afterward enabled the company to eventually launch their online ordering from restaurants feature.

This made the service much more efficient for the delivery workers as well as the restaurants.

This meant that the consumer could get on the restaurants’ own website and order directly from there, no need to go to a different website or app.

They also incorporated the same platform and style to social media accounts of the restaurant such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.


ChowNow Revolutionizes Food Delivery


Since the concept of food delivery has been around, there has been a revolving door of ideas regarding how restaurants get the food to their diners.

Whether you have an employee leave his or her post when an order comes in so that it can get right out to the customer, or have delivery drivers, one way or another most restaurants today have some sort of system in place.

This system enables them to reach that expanded demographic of people that always say they are “Not in the mood to cook”, or “There is nothing in the fridge to eat”.

Fighting for the business of household after household creates the need for different market strategies, as well as innovative ways to get these consumers the food they want with the service they desire.

In the recent years, there has come about a new trend from online with companies popping up like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub, that are willing to go to the restaurant, pick up the customer order, and deliver it to the customer.

This service is employed with people independent from the actual platform out looking to earn some extra money on the side.

It does allow business owners an option that is pretty convenient and keeps that delivery expansion possible.

With so many companies like this also competing with each other, and paid independent employees signing up to be drivers left and right, where does the quality in communication between business and consumer go?

When does the restaurant itself stand out of the crowd on its own and get the recognition for the quality of their product and the service they provide?

This is the problem with these types of platforms that cater only to the customer, and although it might seem like the right move initially, over time you will start to lose that relationship with the customer and become just another click of the mouse or tap on the screen.

One company has seen this problem emerging and decided that there must still be a better way to get food from restaurant to customer without compromising time, quality, or price, yet still cultivating those important customer interactions and relations.


Why Choose ChowNow?


ChowNow has not only given people a better way to order delivery, and more options from all kinds of local favorites that otherwise would’ve gotten looked over; but it has also given restaurants a better way to get the food delivered to their customers.

This gives options back to not just the customers, but the restaurants as well, adding just a little more of a competitive edge when it comes to playing with the big boys up at the corporate and even franchise levels.

The services ChowNow offer have the perfect solution to this issue because it really does work for both sides; this company had everyone in mind.

They really have impressively found a way to utilize the internet and knowledge of marketing strategy as well as navigate through the never-ending resources and stockpile of information to reach the abundance of people found online these days.

What this company has done is come up with a way for the patron to reach out directly to places they want to eat through multiple channels that the establishment already has.

The restaurant – Diner; relationship becomes more fragile as technology advances.

Just as any other service you can now have at the tip of your fingers.

But when it comes to technology, it has been shown that restaurants, and the dining out experience as a whole, have always fallen behind the times.

I mean who doesn’t want the satisfaction of gaining a new client; but the reality is that the food industry, and especially the delivery and pick-up service part of it, is about 80% repeat customers.

With this fact in mind, and the difference such a big percentage can make, owners have to look at the real value of the company they own and when it comes to places that generate a lot of revenue from online orders and deliveries, customer interaction really does have a lot of value in the industry.

ChowNow eventually also partnered with third-party delivery services like Uber and Postmates to launch another service tool called Flex Delivery Service.

Amazon picked this up and incorporated it into their platform.

It enables the user to order food delivery right from google’s search engine, making it possible to order what your craving from just about anywhere you can find the restaurant.

ChowNow’s mission is to keep the connection between customers and the places they love to eat when everyone else is trying to insert themselves in the middle.

Third-party platforms can often get in the way of important restaurant and customer relations.

Although this tool initially can be convenient for customers, business owners run the risk of becoming distant from them, which in turn may appear to the consumer like a very non-personal experience.

ChowNow has changed the way people order food online and made it possible for everyone to enjoy the convenience of online ordering.


How ChowNow Operates


ChowNow works with a system called SAAS and restaurants sign up on a monthly subscription basis.

They do not handle preparation or delivery directly; rather they collect the information from the restaurant and relay it to the customer via the restaurant platform.

The customer then enters their information then places the order where it is submitted and then sent to the ChowNow platform to be relayed back to the restaurant.

Then the order is prepared and sent out for delivery. Pretty simple concept for such a big impact on the industry.

It is amazing that this extra step has been put in place and with it comes the complete revolution of food delivery.

In an age where everyone wants everything right now; and patience seems to be a thing of the past, it is wonderful to have a company that took the time to think about not only what is good for the customer, but what profits the business as well.

The content management and website builder that ChowNow also utilizes allows all of the businesses to access their entire suite of online ordering tools.

So, whenever a customer is enjoying their meal and satisfied with the speed and quality, you better believe that it was made possible through the efforts that ChowNow has made.


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