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csl plasma coupon

CSL Plasma Coupon

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csl plasma coupon

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CSL Plasma Coupon Link: https://www.cslplasma.com/center/FL/195-longwood/coupon/new-donor

About CSL Plasma


As a division of CSL Behring, a company from Pennsylvania that provides plasma protein biotherapies.

CSL Plasma is one of the largest collectors of human plasma in the world, with more than 12.000 employees and over 230 collection centers across Europe, China, and the U.S.

This company is responsible for helping thousands and thousands of people all over the globe to live better and healthier lives.

However, this wouldn’t be possible without hordes of compassionate and selfless people that visit CSL Plasma’s center every day following the famous Gandhi’s saying: ”Be the change you want to see in the world.

CSL Plasma is expanding its noble cause by trying to give back to the community in some other ways too.

Company is benefiting the local economies of its centers’ locations by employing around 60 workers in each one, hiring local contractors for the centers’ needs such as monitoring, equipment, and maintenance, by often organizing all kinds of fundraisings and charity actions and by graciously compensating its donors.

This company is guided by the highest standards in everything it does and provides, being aware that people’s health and lives depend on its work.

It is the leader in its field, with the highly professional and dedicated team, the most modern equipment, great integrity and special attention to every little detail to make sure that this such delicate and important job is done perfectly.


What is Plasma and why is it so important?


Simply put, plasma is an amazingly versatile and powerful weapon against a wide array of illnesses, disorders, and conditions.

Plasma is liquid that carries red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

It helps to regulate blood pressure, delivers proteins for blood clotting purposes and allows cells to function correctly by keeping pH balance.

Because of this versatility, plasma is a crucial ingredient for many products that are used for treating different diseases and blood disorders.

It is used for treating coagulation disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, the inherited respiratory disease, even neurological disorders in some markets.

It produces immunoglobulins that help fighting immunological disorders like congenital and acquired primary immune deficiency and many other diseases that are developed due to changes in the body’s defense system.

It is an ingredient of products used in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation and wound healing.

Plasma helps to prevent hemolytic diseases in the newborn and with treating alpha1 -antitrypsin deficiency which is a genetic condition that can result in liver and lung failure.

It is needed for making critical care products, that are used for shock and burns, during surgeries and for fluid replacement therapy.

The importance of plasma donation lies in the fact that by doing so you will help many people to improve their health and quality of life.

Just a very small contribution from each person is enough to together create the force that will move and alter the world.

Only knowing that you can change someone’s life for the better is rewarding enough, but CLS Plasma will make sure that you are compensated for your time and effort.

On the company’s website, you will find some patients’ testimonies about what they struggle with and how much help of others means to them.

This is the best way to realize how much good and change you can make by deciding to start donating your plasma.

You will also find the inspiring stories of the current donors, that can help you to learn more about this whole experience and see how donating influenced them.


How to become a donor?


If you would like to donate your plasma, there are some conditions you must meet to do so.

These are the requirements you will need to fulfill:

  1. You must be between 18 and 65 years of age.
  2. You need to be of good overall health.
  3. Your weight must be at least 110 Ibs
  4. You cannot have any tattoos or piercings done in the last 12 months.
  5. You have to pass the physical exam.
  6. You need a valid Government-issued identification and a permanent address.

You don’t need to make an appointment in the collecting center, just visit CSL Plasma’s website, www.clsplasma.com, and there you will be able to enter your zip code and find the center that is nearest to your location. You will be provided with an address, fax, phone number and working hours of that facility.

Kind and helpful staff members are always happy to give you any further information you might need, and make sure to ask them if there are any additional conditions for you to become a plasma donor.

Please note that if you are donating for the first time, you should contact the center before visiting to check if your home address is within the company’s recruitment area marketing radius).


What to expect when arriving at the collector center?


There is no need for fear or nervousness. After a heartfelt greeting, you will be asked to provide valid identification, proof of residency and social security number.

Next, you will have to answer some questions at the donor kiosk and then proceed to the physical exam.

You will be asked to provide information about your medical history. This is needed to determine if you are eligible to be a donor.

This is done for your safety, and for assuring that only high-quality plasma will be used for producing such important therapies and products.

Rest assured that CLS Plasma and all of its employees will treat your privacy with the utmost respect.


How does the donation process look like?


If you are an eligible donor, you will undergo a process called plasmapheresis.

The high-tech automated machine will remove whole blood, separate plasma from it into the containers, and then re-infuse the other parts of the blood into your body.

This lasts approximately 90 minutes, but the time may vary. During the donation, you can just relax, read, or use wi-fi that is provided for you.

The medical staff will do everything in their power to make you as comfortable as possible. After you get compensated, don’t forget to schedule the second donation.

CSL Plasma’s website offers several very helpful video clips that will provide you with further details about the donating process.


What happens next with the donated plasma?


After the donation, plasma is sent to CLS Testing Laboratories, where highly-skilled personnel will test the samples to ensure its safety.

Next, plasma goes to CLS Logistic Centers for storing and further shipping.

Modern logistics software allows tracking of plasma through all stages, from the collection centers to laboratories, logistics and the facilities that are responsible for plasma-made products.

All of the donated plasma is used solely for producing life-saving therapies, treatments, and products that will help people in more than 60 countries.


Why is the second donation important?


The second donation is important because without it the first one cannot be used.

The second session will take much less time.

It should be noted that the FDA regulations allow a maximum of donating once in two days, and no more than twice in seven days period in terms of frequency.


What is the required documentation for plasma donating?


  1. Valid identification proof – it can be an ID card, driver’s license, Military ID…
  2. Proof of social security number – Social Security Card.
  3. Proof of local residency – it can be a utility bill, piece of mail addressed to your name not older than 30 days, current lease…
  4. For Mexico residents, some additional documentation is needed – bring a valid Border Crossing Card or US visa and Government-issued document/identification that indicates the CURP (Clave Unica de Registro de Poblacion) number.


What to do before the donation?


  1. Drink 4-6 8 ounce glasses of any caffeine-free liquid at least 2-3 hours before the donation.
  2. Avoid caffeine.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours before the donation.
  4. Eat a meal.
  5. Get enough sleep.


What to do after the donation?


  1. Eat light food.
  2. For the next 4 hours, drink a lot of fluids.
  3. Take care of your venipuncture site and make sure that it is dry and clean.
  4. The bandage can be removed after several hours.
  5. In case of fainting or dizziness, lie down or sit and put the head between your legs.
  6. If you keep experiencing any symptoms of discomfort, call the collection center for help or see a doctor.


Is donating plasma safe?


CLS Plasma maintains the highest standards of quality and guarantees 100% safety during the whole process.

The supplies that are used for collecting blood are always sterile and used only once.

Thanks to high-tech machines, everything that comes in contact with your blood during the plasmapheresis is completely safe for you.


CLS Plasma is very thankful to each donor for helping them to fulfill their mission, and that gratitude is shown through the donor compensating programs.

Here are some useful information about the benefits you can get from the center:


What is the compensation for the donors?


New donors can be paid up to $400 each month.

However, the amounts may vary depending on the location, so make sure to check with the center about what you can expect.

The money is deposited on the reloadable prepaid card provided for you that is immediately ready to use.

You can also earn points, called iGive, that you can later trade for Fast cash or gifts.

There are various periodical promotions as well.


What is the iGive Rewards Program?


This is CLS Plasma’s donor loyalty program, which allows you to collect points for each donation that can further be exchanged for cash, special Deal of the Day (merchandise). gift cards, express passes or other promotional items when they are available.

There are four membership levels in this program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The more plasma you donate the more points you earn. Points help you get a higher status. and higher status secures better awards.

At the beginning of each calendar year, membership statuses reset.

The points can also be earned by completing surveys, special promotions, and offers.

You can exchange your points for awards in the Online Store.

If you choose Fast Cash, it will be loaded on your prepaid card within 24-48 business hours, and you can expect the physical goods within 4-6 weeks from the day you have placed your order.

Remember that it will be shipped on the address you have provided to CLS Plasma center, if not requested otherwise.


How to login to the iGive Reward Program?


For this, you will need to contact your CLS Plasma collecting center to get the last 4 digits of your Donor ID number.

In addition to those digits, for logging in you need your last name and date of birth. You can access it through the company’s website or from the donor checkout kiosk.


What does Platinum membership provide?


When you have a Platinum card, you get the benefits of preferential check-in, fee-free MasterCard and complimentary access to or exclusivity in special offers.


Can points expire?


Points can expire in two cases. The first case is a lapse in donations of 30 days or longer.

Besides that, points will start expiring if you don’t log in to your account at least once every 6 months.

When points expire due to account inactivity, they will keep expiring each month until the next time you access it.


What is the E Rewards Survey?


This allows donors to provide feedback and choose the best employees.


How to protect the reloadable prepaid card?


First of all, it is important to know that the center’s representatives will never contact you in any way to ask for your card information unless you contact them first.

You shouldn’t give your card information to anyone, and change your PIN from time to time.

If you need to reset your PIN, you can call the phone number from the back of the card.


How to check the online balance?


You can check your balance in three ways – by logging in at the center’s Marketing kiosk, by receiving text alerts or by calling the toll-free number from the back of the card.


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