Do All Coupons Have The Same Barcode? Complete Guide

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do all coupons have the same barcode?

Do all coupons have the same barcode?


While not all coupons printed will have the same barcode, all like coupons that offer the same deal do have the same barcode.

So if you have one voucher for 50 percent off a box of Cheerios, another copy of the same ticket would have a similar barcode.

This shared barcode is essential for a variety of different reasons.


First of all, a shared barcode ensures that the coupons are more comfortable to track.

When a ticket is scanned at the cash register, the reader reads the barcode and lets the cash register know what deal to give you.

Just as importantly, the reader then sorts the coupon into the system for easier tracking.

This action is essential when the store sends its used cards back to the manufacturer to get their money back, a fact that will be discussed in more detail later.


Secondly, multiple barcodes would be much too tricky for stores to track.

Just think about every product on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Each of these items has a unique barcode that sets them apart from other goods.

However, the same product ? such as two boxes of Cheerios ? has the same barcode.

Creating a unique barcode for each would create a nearly impossible to manage system of product tracking.


The same is true of coupons. Rather than creating a unique barcode that makes coupons almost impossible to accurately track, like coupons all share a similar barcode.

However, different deals on the same product will have different barcodes to tell them apart.

In this way, the store can more easily apply the deal to your sale while tracking coupon use at the same time.


However, that doesn’t mean that each coupon you use isn’t identifiable and unique from others like them.

If that were the case, then stores and manufacturers would have no way to track all of their coupons.

Instead, tickets use a serial number system to track these coupons in a way that is simple, streamlined, and efficient to understand.


Serial Numbers Tell Coupons Apart


The serial numbers on a coupon typically sit on the upper right-hand side of the ticket.

These numbers are designed to be easy to read and simple to understand.

You won’t have to use a special scanner to see them, such as a barcode reader.

In this way, you can track a coupon by hand more comfortably.

However, the serial number may get scanned into the barcode to ensure that tickets are more comfortable to track digitally.


Serial numbers are typically designed to have a straightforward numbering system.

For example, if a manufacturer prints 10,000 coupons of the same type, the serial number will reflect this fact.

So you might have a ticket with a serial number of 9,374 and another with a serial number of 9,375.

These differing serial numbers make tracking their use streamlined and effective.


And tracking serial numbers is essential for a variety of different reasons.

First of all, it helps manufacturers know how many of their coupons were used before they expired and how many went in the trash.

In this way, manufacturers can research what types of deals are the most effective and tweak their marketing campaign to focus on these savings.

In this way, you can save even more money.


Just as importantly, individual serial numbers make it easier for retailers to get their money back when you use a coupon.

Every month, stores that accept these deals collect those that they have taken and send them to a company that calculates how much money they are owed.

This company is usually a middleman between the manufacturer and the retailer.

After calculating the money owed, this company sends the results to the manufacturer who then sends a check to the retailer for the difference.


Without serial numbers, tracking these coupons would be very hard if not impossible.

So while it is true that each ticket does have a unique number attached to it, like coupons will still have the same barcode.

However, situations exist in which it is possible that like tickets may have different barcodes.

This situation is a complex one and may be a problem for you if it occurs.


Varying Bar Codes May Be a Problems


If you find like coupons with different barcodes, somebody might be attempting a little fraud.

For example, the provider of that ticket may have copied one coupon and then pasted another barcode on it to make it seem different.

This situation can be a problem if you attempt to misuse the ticket.


Show the coupon to the store that provided it to learn which is the real deal and throw away the other one.

If you try to use an inappropriate deal at a store, you may be banned from it for life even if you didn’t create the false ticket.

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