Does Family Dollar Combine Coupons? Complete Guide

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does family dollar combine coupons

Does Family Dollar combine coupons?


Family Dollar has become one of the most popular discount-oriented stores in America and provides a variety of different goods at reasonable prices.

People who shop here may be interested in using clipped coupons and trying to combine them to save money.

Understanding the types of coupons Family Dollar accepts ? as well as their coupon acceptance policy ? will help you better understand your options in this situation.


Coupons Accepted at Family Dollar


Family Dollar currently accepts a comprehensive range of coupons.

These coupons include printed coupons, internet coupons, and mobile coupons.

The breakdown between these three money-saving methods is relatively simple to understand. Before discussing Family Dollar’s combining policy, you should fully understand the differences between these three types of coupons.


Printed coupons are those that you find in a newspaper or a mailer.

For example, your weekly advertiser typically publishes a large number of tokens, many of which are likely for Family Dollar. Family Dollar may also print out their coupons and send them in a mailer. These typically come more sporadically, such as once or even twice a month, rather than weekly.


Internet coupons are those that you found and printed online.

Typically, these coupons mirror those found in print form and offer the same deals.

However, you may occasionally encounter an excellent deal online that you can’t get in print. Often, these coupons come directly from Family Dollar, such as if you join their online club. Other online coupons are available from discount sites that print coupons.


Mobile coupons are those found on your phone and which are available only through mobile means.

For example, Family Dollar’s money-saving app may provide you with a multitude of deals that you can’t get anywhere else. You may also found many mobile deals in rebate apps, which provide you with easy access to an extraordinary range of high-quality deals and coupons.


Combined Coupons are Possible


Currently, Family Dollar allows some opportunities for combining coupons.

They allow just one manufacturer and one Family Dollar coupon per item during a transaction. However, this limitation can still be beneficial if you’re smart and know how to find great deals on a variety of different items.


For example, you may find a Family Dollar coupon ? otherwise known as a retailer deal ? for 12 rolls of your favorite toilet paper for $2 off the purchase price.

However, the manufacturer of the toilet paper also prints a $3 coupon for the same product ? you can then combine them for $5 worth of savings. In some cases, this may be as much as 20-30 percent of the purchase price.


And you can collect multiple copies of these coupons to use them on numerous products of the same type.

For example, if you had five of each toilet paper coupon, you could use them on five different 12-roll toilet paper products to save yourself $25 on your total toilet paper purchase.


Coupon Acceptance Limitations


While Family Dollar’s coupon acceptance policy is comprehensive, they do have limitations to keep in mind.


Understanding the following restrictions will ensure that you can use your coupons properly and that you save real money on each purchase at Family Dollar:


  • Coupons may only be redeemed for items described on the coupon ? for example, a coupon for a 12-ounce bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos cannot be used for a bag of Nacho Cheesier Doritos


  • Overpriced coupon ? those that are worth more than the item ? are accepted, but you will not get cash back for the deal


  • BOGO ? Buy One Get One ? coupons are accepted only if the same two products are being purchased in the deal


  • Coupons for items on sale or clearance are accepted at all Family Dollar stores


  • Other retailer coupons are not accepted at any Family Dollar store


  • Expired coupons or those that offer free items without a purchase are not accepted at any Family Dollar store


  • Any $5 or $25 coupons are only accepted if the cost of the purchase after all other coupons and deals have been applied, is more than $25


  • Manufacturer coupons without a “remit to” address printed on the coupon are not accepted because the Family Dollar will not be able to get their discount back from the manufacturer


  • Any deals or coupons printed on bottle caps are not accepted at Family Dollar


These simple limitations are put into place to protect Family Dollar from coupon abuse from the buyer or scam artists.

Often, people print fake deals that they try to sell to people to make money. If anybody ever asks you to pay for coupons, contact the authorities right away and report them as scam artists.


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