Does Fred’s Take Coupons? Complete Guide

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does freds take couponsDoes Fred’s take coupons?


Fred’s is a high-quality retailer mostly located in the south of the United States. This grocery store is well-known for its relatively forgiving coupon acceptance policy. Anyone who lives in the south ? or near one of these stores ? needs to understand how Fred’s operates and the limit of their coupon policy.


Fred’s Coupon Policy is Simple


Unlike retailers who produce confusing coupon policies, Fred’s keeps it very simple. First of all, they only accept manufacturer coupons on items that they carry and do not accept competitor coupons. All of the information about the product ? including its brand, flavor, scent, etc. ? must exactly follow what is printed on the side of the coupon.


Just as importantly, Fred’s does not accept printed internet coupons. This limitation includes color or black and white coupons. However, people buying from Fred’s online shop may find some coupon codes that they can use for these purchases. This usage varies depending on what type of products a person buys and how much they are willing to spend on each item that they purchase.


One important consideration to keep in mind when using Fred’s coupons is the expiration date. Unlike some companies, Fred’s will accept coupon’s on their printed expiration date. For example, if you have a coupon that expires on January 21 and you try to use the coupon on that day, the store has to accept the coupon. This fact separates Fred’s from some companies who refuse coupons on their expiration day.


And no Fred’s branch will accept any coupons that offer a ?free? product without the purchase of some product. These types of coupons are rarely printed by retailers or manufacturers and are often fake ones published by scammers. That’s why you should never buy coupons from anybody ? coupons are deals provided to buyers for free and never come with a price tag.


All of this information is fascinating, surely, but most individuals likely want to know if Fred’s doubles coupons. The answer is a qualified ?yes? because there are specific times when Fred’s will double coupons and only for a particular amount of money. Understanding this information can help focus your shopping on times when you’ll save the most money with Fred’s.


Fred’s Double Coupons Limitations


Every Saturday, most Fred’s locations will double the value of manufacturer coupons. As a result, Saturday is often a hectic day for this retailer. However, anyone interested in extreme couponing needs to understand that there are other limitations to Fred’s coupon doubling. The first limitation is the value of the coupons that they will double.


This limitation is set at a very hard $0.70, meaning that a $0.75 coupon could not be doubled. Though this restriction may be a little annoying, any coupon doubling is better than none at all. Just as importantly, individuals shopping at Fred’s need to understand just how often they can double a specific coupon. Again, the answer here might be a little be disappointing to those anticipating massive savings.


Simply put, only one coupon per identical item will be doubled, no matter how many of the same coupons you possess. For example, let’s say you have four $0.25 manufacturer coupons for Pringles. You wouldn’t be able to double all of these coupons to produce a $1.00 savings on a single can of Pringles. Instead, you would get a $0.50 savings on one can of Pringles.


However, you could use the other coupons on different Pringles cans. Note, however, that you cannot double up on a single can but must, instead, purchase two cans to get $0.25 savings on each can. This limitation prevents the kind of extreme couponing noticed on television but does provide the buyer with a substantial level of savings on many types of items.


Other Doubling Limitations


Tobacco purchases are another important consideration to take into mind when doubling Fred’s coupons. Simply put, manufacturer coupons for tobacco products never double. Instead, they are always the individual price printed on the coupon.


But, unless there are other limitations put into place, multiple coupons of the same time can be used to purchase individual items. So if a person uses a $1.00 coupon for pipe tobacco, they could use an identical coupon to buy another bag of the same pipe tobacco.


Overage is Not an Option


Not surprisingly, Fred’s does not do overage when they double coupons. Overage occurs when a doubled coupon drives the price of a product below the purchase cost. In this scenario, the retailer would, technically, owe the buyer money. However, most stores don’t allow overage as a way of protecting themselves from loss.


Fred’s is a little stricter than some stores because doubling conflicts merely cancel out the process. For example, if a doubled $0.70 coupon somehow made a product’s price drop below its original sale cost, the buyer would only get $0.70 off of the deal. Though this situation is frustrating, it is understandable from the perceptive of the retailer.

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