Does Ibotta work with Walmart Grocery Pickup? Step-by-Step Guide

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does ibotta work with walmart grocery pickup

Does Ibotta work with Walmart Grocery Pickup?


Over the last few years, a large number of discount apps have been produced by many companies. These apps are designed to provide shoppers with deals at prices that they can afford. One of the more popular of these apps is Ibotta, and many Walmart shoppers enjoy using it for their weekly shopping. However, those who use Walmart Grocery Pickup may be curious about whether this app is applicable for their purchases with this unique service.


Understand Ibotta’s Operation


Ibotta is a discount app that provides shoppers like you with a broad array of deals. When you utilize this application, you can add money-saving offers to your purchase before you shop and buy your favorite products at stores that qualify. However, you won’t get the deals offered by Ibotta until you take home your receipt, take a picture of it, and scan the result to your Ibotta app.


After you successfully scan your receipt, the app will examine what kind of deals you’ll get for the items on the receipt. Typically, the scan of a receipt should take no more than two days or 48 hours to finish. And once all of the deals have been successfully scanned, the money that you saved will be deposited directly into your Ibotta account.


Therefore, people who want to save a consistent amount of money need to continually shop at Ibotta-approved stores, buy goods with the appropriate offer, and then continuously scan their receipts. While you might only save $0.50 to $1.00 or even $5.00 per purchase, that extra money can add up quickly. And when it reaches an appropriate point, you can either use the money on your account for purchases or get a gift card for the money.


Ibotta is Compatible With Walmart


Walmart is one of the many, many stores compatible with Ibotta, and some of the best deals from Ibotta tend to appear in this store. Using Ibotta when shopping at Walmart is very simple. Follow this process to set up your purchase and save money:


  • Open your Ibotta app and click on the Walmart section


  • Search through the various rebate offers and select the ones you want to utilize


  • Go to a nearby Walmart, buy the products you want, and then come home


  • Take a picture of your receipt using Ibotta’s camera application


  • Upload the picture to the Ibotta rebate center to get it checked


Some buyers, however, will prefer to make their purchases directly from Ibotta. This option does streamline the process but isn’t always appropriate for those who want to buy directly from Walmart. And, unfortunately, Ibotta does limit a few types of purchases, including taxes, shipping and handling, some goods already discounted, and Walmart Grocery Pickup orders.


That fact might seem to limit the usefulness of Ibotta for those who use Walmart Grocery Pickup. That isn’t necessarily the case. The only reason that Walmart Grocery Pickup isn’t compatible with Ibotta is because of the lack of a physical receipt. And, thankfully, workarounds are available which will make Walmart Grocery Pickup compatible with Ibotta.


Working Around Ibotta Limitations


Since Ibotta doesn’t take digital receipts from anyone, shoppers who use Grocery Pickup may have An issue. However, clever shoppers have devised a workaround method that makes Ibotta compatible with these services. This process requires you to:


  • Go to the Savings Catcher area on your Walmart app


  • Click on the piggy bank icon an then tap ?Your Results? to open up your receipts


  • Scan through the Walmart Grocery Pickup receipt that you recently utilized


  • Select the receipt tape icon (in the upper hand corner) of the screen to open up a physical copy of the receipt


  • Examine the receipt ? which will look like a real printed receipt ? for any discrepancies before printing it off of an HD printer


  • Check the QR code at the bottom of the receipt to make sure it is flat, easy to scan, and not disrupted by any printing problems


  • Scan this code with your phone to input the receipt into the Ibotta system


  • Wait until the system has confirmed that you have any savings ? if any ? and then apply them to your account


  • Repeat this process for any Walmart Grocery Pickup purchases you’ve made in the last week to get your deals


This workaround is accepted by Ibotta and has caused no known issues with their customer service. And, thankfully, this trick will likely be unnecessary in the future. According to Ibotta’s website, while they don’t accept digital receipts at this time, they are working on an option to integrate this choice onto their app very shortly.


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