Does Kroger Accept Digital Coupons? Step-By-Step Guide

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does kroger accept digital coupons

Does Kroger accept digital coupons?


Kroger’s is a widespread regional grocery retailer focused heavily in the Midwest.

They provide a service similar to Walmart or Target but often offer a multitude of other deals and products that you cannot get at these stores.

For example, Kroger currently accepts digital coupons at reasonable prices and will help you save significant cash when you shop there.


Kroger’s Digital Coupon Policy


Kroger’s utilizes an updated digital coupon distribution and acceptance method that provides shoppers with a variety of different deals.

People who want to participate in this program must create a digital account that utilizes a valid shopper’s card.

Without these accounts, you cannot access and use digital coupons at Kroger’s. This account is free to create and provides you with many benefits.


Access this digital coupon area to take a look at a variety of different coupons and deals, many of which aren’t available in any other form.

You can access these coupons via a desktop or laptop computer and print them out. However, you can also load these deals to your loyalty card and scan the card at the cash register before purchase to save yourself money.

All digital coupons are scanned before paper ones, so make sure that you have your stacking properly planned before trying to use them.


These digital coupons cannot be shared between accounts or with other people because they require you to use your shopper’s loyalty card or your phone number to get access to the deals.

And, just as importantly, these deals cannot be combined with paper coupons and do not double with themselves.

Currently, you can load a hefty 150 digital coupons onto your loyalty card before purchase. Remember, though, that these deals are subject to restrictions ? such as store acceptance ? and expiration dates.


Digital and Internet Coupon Acceptance Restrictions


Digital coupons often have the same restrictions as internet deals, though they often offer different money-saving offers.

Understanding the restrictions on these types of deals is critical because they can vary heavily from the acceptance of paper coupons.


The following rules are put into place to not only protect you but the retailer at the same time:


  • Only one internet or digital coupon is accepted per item


  • Some instances exist in which only two coupons may be accepted per customer in a day


  • Printed digital coupons must be legible and easy to read


  • Out-of-proportion printed coupons will not be accepted


  • Blurry digital coupons will not be accepted when printed


  • Printed digital coupons that do not scan will not be accepted


  • Coupons that appear to be altered are immediately rejected


Remember that digital coupons are not quite the same thing as internet coupons and may vary depending on a variety of factors.

For example, while you can technically print a digital coupon in the same way that you do an internet one, neither are considered printed coupons.

Instead, Kroger will still consider them to be either internet or digital coupon.


Try to avoid finding digital coupons from other dealers because these are usually scams provided by people trying to take your money.

Digital coupons come only from Kroger’s loyalty program, and any others will be rejected.

You may even be banned from a store if you try to use these fake deals, so make sure to stick to those offered in your loyalty program only.


Kroger Digital Coupon Hacks


Kroger’s unique digital coupon distribution and execution methods provide you with many money-saving deals at reasonable prices.


Even better, the following clever hacks will ensure that you get the most out of your digital coupons and provide you with the overall savings that you deserve when using your loyalty program to save cash:


  • Search your Kroger savings app to find the Friday free item coupon ? these are digital-only deals that are added to your loyalty cards and which provide you with a free item at no cost


  • Stack all available coupons ? manufacturer and retailer ? with your digital rebate to save yourself good money on every deal


  • ?Don’t neglect rebate apps ? like Ibotta ? to get cash-back deals on your items, many of which are often focused on digital-only Kroger deals


  • Constantly use your Kroger loyalty card to save up what is known as “fuel points” at every purchase ? save up 100 fuel points to get 10 cents off each gallon, 200 to get 20 cents off each gallon, or 1,000 to get $1 off each gallon


These digital coupon hacks are possible only if you are smart and regularly use your Kroger’s loyalty card at the cash register with each purchase.

You cannot access any of these deals or clever hacks without this card, so don’t hesitate to integrate it into your everyday shopping needs at whatever Kroger you plan on visiting.

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