Does Pick N Save Deliver Groceries? What You Should Know

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does pick n save deliver groceries

Does Pick ‘n Save deliver groceries?


As the online world expands and changes the world of shopping, regional chains need to adapt to this brave new world.

For example, stores like Walmart and Target offer delivery, which may put smaller chains like Pick ‘n Save at a disadvantage.

However, even local options such as this have begun to integrate grocery delivery into their services as a way of staying competitive.


Pick ‘n Save Recently Expanded to Deliver Groceries


Recently, Pick ‘n Save added delivery options to 59 of its over 100 stores in Wisconsin, focusing in Milwaukee and Madison.

Currently, they have about 22 curbside pickup locations and will continue to expand these options as demand for them increases.


Currently, shoppers get their first delivery free and then pay $11.95 for each subsequent delivery.

All groceries cost the same online as they do on the store, which helps to make the service attractive for those who don’t want to go to the store to buy goods.


Benefits of Grocery Delivery


A growing number of grocery stores ? even regional shops like Pick ‘n Save ? have expanded their shopping options to include high-quality delivery.


Typically, these services provide you with a multitude of benefits that are hard to ignore, including how it will:


  • Saves you time ? Instead of spending two hours or even more fighting with traffic, looking for goods, and waiting in line, get your goods delivered to you while you do other things.


  • Decreased costs ? While you do have to pay a fee for grocery delivery, the amount of money you save on decreased impulse spending is often much more than that cost.


  • Easier to plan your meals ? If you are interested in carefully planning your meals every day, grocery delivery ensures that you get the foods and ingredients that you need.


  • Provides easier budgeting and dieting options ? People who are trying to limit their spending or lose weight often do well with delivery because they focus just on what they need.


  • Helps those with disabilities ? Those who have a hard time moving or shopping benefit heavily from grocery deliveries and can stay healthy in their home.


All of these benefits make grocery delivery a good choice for many people.

However, some individuals may not do well with grocery delivery.

For example, if you are never sure what you want until you get to the store, grocery delivery may be a bad choice because you may struggle to know what to buy.

Those who don’t want to spend extra money on delivery may also avoid this shopping option.


How to Get Groceries Delivered


If you are interested in grocery delivery from Pick ‘n Save, you need to understand how to follow their simple step-by-step guide.


Thankfully, this option is typically among the easiest to understand among their competitors and provides you with a multitude of benefits.


The steps to perform include how you must:


  • Create an online profile ? This service is free and lets you not only sign up for grocery deliveries but pay for them and track them as they come to your home.


  • Enter your zip code in the delivery window ? After you enter your zip code, the Instacart app will search or any nearby Pick ‘n Save stores that deliver to your area.


  • Shop for your items ? Search for the items that you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart. Make sure to select how many of each product you need.


  • Track your coupon deals ? Use your Pick ‘n Save loyalty card to track your potential coupons and apply them to your sale to get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend.


  • Checkout ? Once you have selected all of the items that you want to purchase, click on checkout. At this point, you can add your address, payment options, and your coupon savings.


  • Wait for delivery ? Your local Pick ‘n Save will prepare your order for you and then deliver it to your door to save you time. Expect a wait of 1-2 hours, minimally, before your order arrives.


Though you may wait just a few hours for your groceries, you may get them faster or slower depending on a multitude of factors.

For example, heavy traffic can complicate the delivery process and make it more difficult.

Even worse, you may have multiple orders ahead of you and need to wait until they have been prepared and delivered before you receive your groceries.


If your store provides you with curbside pick up ? only a handful currently do ? you can drive to the store instead and have your groceries loaded for you instead.

This option is a good choice if you can’t wait for delivery or if you’re already out and about in town anyway.

Make sure that you plan for this option, though, as it can also take some time to finish up properly.

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