Does Savings Catcher work with Grocery Pickup? Step-by-Step Guide

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does savings catcher work with walmart grocery pickup

Does Savings Catcher work with Grocery Pickup?


Walmart provides many interesting services for its customers, including Savings Catcher and Grocery Pickup. These two shopping choices can help to save you both time and money on your shopping trips. But can they be combined to create the ultimate Walmart shopping experience?


Understanding These Two Services


Walmart Grocery Pickup is a service that helps to streamline your shopping time. Simply put, Grocery Pickup lets you shop online for the items that you want right from the Walmart app. You then select the store near you from which you want to buy the goods, pay for them, and then set up a pickup time. Once the pickup time arrives, you go to the store, and your groceries are delivered and packed for you.


Setting a pickup time typically requires a careful balancing act. Usually, a minimum wait time of at least 30-45 minutes is necessary, as this is how long it takes the average staff to choose and bag all of your appropriate groceries. However, the wait may be longer if other people are in line in front of you. That said, you won’t have to walk in the store and shop, which can be a huge benefit for many people.


For example, mothers and fathers with several children won’t have to worry about their child asking for candy, snacks, or toys that they don’t need. Even better, they won’t have to chase down their children in the store or worry about misbehaving in a public area. Instead, they can go pick up their groceries and come home with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of extra time on their hands.


And Savings Catcher is a program that replaces Walmart’s price-matching policy of the past. This system works by allowing you to track all of the items you purchased from Walmart and to automatically compare them to the prices of stores near you. If the app finds a cheaper product from any of these competitors, you get credited the difference onto a nice eGift card.


This service is only available if you use Walmart Pay to purchase your goods and is not available if you instead pay using other types of services at a cash register. This fact is important to remember because you may sign up for Savings Catcher and never earn back a dime just because you forgot to use Walmart Pay. Thankfully, you can use this service in a physical store as well as online.


And, thankfully, shrewd Walmart shoppers can combine Grocery Pickup and Savings Catcher to streamline their shopping process and avoid spending too much money. The following section will give you an insightful look into how to use these two services together.


How to Use Savings Catcher With Grocery Pickup


Using these two apps together is very simple and requires the following steps:


  • Make Your Order on Grocery Pickup ? Set an order, as you normally would, using Grocery Pickup and select a time that works for you. The exact time doesn’t matter much, as long as you know you can make it there promptly and without delay.


  • Pay For Your Goods ? After you’ve selected all the items you want to buy, purchase them and set up a pickup time. You will pay the price suggested by the app but could earn savings after implementing Savings Catcher.


  • Pickup Your Goods ? Go to the Walmart where you are picking up your goods and let the service members load your groceries. Don’t ask them about Savings Catcher, as this element of the shopping experience is not part of their job.


  • Wait to Get Your Authorization Email ? Go home with your groceries, put them away, and check your email. By now, you should have gotten an email saying ?Your order has been picked up.? This email will include an itemized receipt and, most importantly, a Savings Catcher TC#.?


  • Input Your TC# Code ? Go to your Savings Catcher app and input the code you got from your confirmation email. After a few moments, the receipt should load up and display all your goods. The app will then let you know how much, if any, money you’ve earned.



This simple process must be done at least seven days after your initial purchase. If you wait any longer, your receipt is void, and you cannot get any cash savings. The reason for this one-week waiting period is simple. After that much time has passed, the deals set in place by Walmart and other stores have typically changed.


Most of the time, the savings you’ll get with Savings Catcher will be quite small. For example, you may save no more than $0.10 per receipt. However, that money can add up ? especially if you find a particularly good deal at another store ? and is very useful for other shopping trips you might have to Walmart in the future.

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