Does The Walmart App Have Coupons? Complete Guide

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does the walmart app have couponsDoes the Walmart App have coupons?


A growing number of Walmart shoppers utilize the Walmart app when they shop. This unique digital tool provides buyers with many benefits that are well worth installation. But do they offer coupons that you can use at the cash register or even print out for later use?


The Walmart App Has Many Unique Options


The Walmart app doesn’t have coupons, per se, available for digital use. However, this app does track all of the deals and sales available at Walmart during a shopping period. In this way, you can follow these deals and try to find physical copies of each to present at the cash register.


However, you can also print off these coupons and use them physically, rather than trying to track down a flier you may have thrown away. The Walmart app also provides a multitude of other unique benefits and features, including the following:


  • The Weekly Ad ? Every week, Walmart prints new advertisements for their many locations. You can access this ad on their website to see what deals and coupons are available from each site. In this way, you can carefully plan your shopping trip accordingly.


  • Shopping List ? Search through the items available at your local Walmart and create a shopping list that you can share with others or save for future shopping lists. The nice thing about this option is that it prepares you for how much you’ll spend when shopping and lets you plan out effective purchasing plans for maximum savings.


  • Find Out First ? If you activate this option on your Walmart app, you’ll get up-to-the-minute updates on the types of deals, savings, and more going on at your local Walmart. In this way, you’ll know when to visit an outlet and what to expect when you get there.


  • Walmart Credit Tracking ? Those with a Walmart credit card can track their credit line here and even make payments. Just as importantly, you can track how much you save when using the card, such as the three-percent saving offered when using the Easy Reorder option.


  • Wedding and Baby Registry ? Keep track of what brides, grooms, and expecting parents want and which of these items has been purchased. This option helps to make finding sometimes difficult-to-find presents much easier for those who struggle with this task.


  • Bar Code Scanner ? If you find a product that doesn’t have a price ticket at Walmart, use the bar code scanner to find the cost on your app. This option is beneficial if you also have a dispute over a price with a cashier and need to find the official purchasing price of the item.


Each of these elements makes the Walmart app a great choice for a large number of potential shoppers. And while it doesn’t have coupons that you can scan directly off of the app, you can still use various tracking items to see what deals are available. However, several limitations may make the application of these items more difficult for some to handle than others.


Walmart App Coupon Limitations


Although the Walmart app ? including Savings Catcher ? does help with many shopping trips, there are limitations on its use. For example, competitor coupons that stick to a quantity limit may not be found in Savings Catcher or only limited amounts. Savings Catcher also doesn’t track ?on-pack coupons,? those that require a separate purchase to receive the savings price, items with no actual value, any deal with a gift card, or BOGO deals where no item price is listed.


These limitations aren’t put into place to frustrated the shopper but to protect them. Simply put, coupons of this type typically have shady beginnings that likely have little to do with Walmart. For example, someone may create fake online coupons that look very real but which are not official. Often, these people forget to add key elements to the coupon, such as expiration dates or the cost of the BOGO item that must be purchased.


However, Savings Catcher also limits these types of deals as a way of protecting Walmart. This app already finds many deals for buyers and applying too many could cost the store an excessive amount of money. The best way to know, for sure, if Savings Catcher will work with an ad is to pay attention to the type offered by the app. These are usually the only ones that Savings Catcher will match or try to help the consumer save money by using.


And, just as importantly, remember that Savings Catcher is only available to those who use Walmart Pay. Cash and other types of physical cards are not eligible for these types of coupons and deals. These tight restrictions and limitations may be very frustrating for shoppers, which is understandable, but they are essential to ensure everything runs smoothly when using this app for coupons or other purchases.

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