Does Walmart Accept Expired Coupons? All Questions Answered

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does walmart accept expired couponsDoes Walmart accept expired coupons?


With coupons becoming such a big deal over the recent years, many stores are creating stricter and harsher coupon acceptance policies. Their reasons for this are understandable, as most companies don’t want to lose money providing huge deals that reward the customer but which negatively impact the store. One particularly restricted act is the acceptance of expired coupons.


Therefore, anybody who is interested in couponing at Walmart needs to understand whether or not this chain accepts expired coupons. As a growing number of shops are shutting down this type of activity, the answer is not likely to make many people happy. However, expired coupons may still have a value at Walmart if you use them correctly or even take a bit of a risk.


Some Expired Coupons Have a Grace Period


Like most stores, Walmart does not accept expired coupons. While some shops, like CVS Pharmacy, do receive expired coupons in certain circumstances, most simply throw them away without using the savings. Getting a store like CVS to accept these coupons often takes just a little politeness to the cashier about the ticket to get them to accept it. This approach typically works the best if you take an expired coupon to a store no more than a day or two after its expiration. Some people may even take one three or more days after the expiration date, but almost none do after a week has passed.


You may be tempted to try to put a little pressure on the cashier about the coupon or to get angry and aggressive. This action just cannot be tolerated by most stores. Most managers are likely to throw you out of a store for such a move and refuse ever again to accept your coupons. Remember: stores have the ability to reject your coupons if they don’t want to take them for whatever reason. Don’t burn your bridges in this way when trying to do something that isn’t strictly allowed by most stores, such as using expired coupons.


Besides, when shopping at Walmart, you may find that your expired coupons get scanned anyways. This unexpected scanning occurs because of the nature of modern coupon manufacture. The high-tech quality of their design ? including the use of digital bar codes ? does help to make tracking easier but can create small loopholes. For example, some coupons aren’t programmed out of the system for days at a time. Some people have even found these periods can last up to a month.


This unusual situation is one that is unlikely to happen all that often because, once it does, Walmart is typically quite quick to notice and correct it. However, the fact that online bloggers have already noted this act makes its existence well worth considering. Though it may take a lot of patience ever to get expired coupons accepted at Walmart, you should still try it out to see what happens.


Taking a Shot With Expired Coupons


If you have expired coupons that would save you a decent amount of money, you should take a shot on using them at Walmart. The process of using expired coupons may feel like deception, but it is nothing more than a simple ? and legal ? attempt to save money. Follow this process to use expired coupons:


  • Arrange Your Expired Coupons ? Before you go to the store, carefully arrange your expired coupons in a way that doesn’t make them obvious. Try to scatter them through your book in a way that will make their appearance occur at random.


  • Get the Items You Want ? Walk through the store and collect the items connected to the expired coupons. Take them to the checkout line and wait for your turn to come up. Don’t be nervous here: you’re not doing anything illegal or even immoral.


  • Wait for the Cashier to Scan the Items ? Wait for the cashier to scan each of your items before presenting your coupons properly. You don’t want to come across as impatient here by presenting each coupon as they show up. Doing so may make the cashier notice expired ones more easily.


  • Hand the Cashier the Coupons ? Let the cashier know that you have coupons and that you want them applied to your order. They will then scan each ticket, one at a time, while you wait. The significant number of coupons you’ve presented is likely to make the cashier ignore them as they scan.


  • Wait for Rejection ? There is a good chance that the cash register will immediately reject most of your expired coupons. When this happens, a loud beep will occur, and the cashier will tell you that it was expired. Don’t raise a fuss: simply accept that you won’t get that deal. Remember: this whole thing is a long shot.


  • Finish the Transaction ? After all the coupons have been scanned, the cashier will tell you your new total. There is a real chance that at least one expired coupon was accepted. Pay for your goods and leave the store happy that you got an unexpected deal.


Let’s stress again the fact that getting such deals is never a surefire thing when working with expired coupons. Yes, there is a good chance that you’ll get at least one or more scanned, but you may end up getting none at all. Try again the next time you have expired coupons, and you may end up with savings. Or, again, you may end up with no money saved.

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