Does Walmart Have Digital Coupons? All Questions Answered

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does walmart have digital coupons

Does Walmart have digital coupons?


Digital coupons have become a huge business model for many businesses. These companies enjoy reaching their customers in a more updated and high-tech fashion, though paper coupons also remain a stylish option for an increasingly technologically-advanced world.


However, Walmart remains slightly behind the times as they struggle to implement effective digital coupon delivery options. They’ve already implemented two variations on a popular digital coupon service only to pull them off the market without warning those who enjoyed them. Thankfully, digital coupons are still available from this manufacturer in a more old-fashioned way.


Walmart Once Utilized Many Digital Coupons


Walmart has a strange history of digital coupons, one that is often quite complex. For example, they were one of the first stores around to include a service that they called Scan & Go or entirely self-directed checkout. This service started in 2012 and let shoppers scan items as they shopped and pay for them using their phone or a handheld device available at the front of the store. The idea here was to streamline service and make buying quicker for people who didn’t want to shop or stand in line for hours at a time during busy periods.


This app also allowed buyers to use manufacturer’s coupons directly on their purchase, clipping them as they went to match them to items that they purchased automatically and without effort. This change was huge for Walmart fans who had no access to digital coupons that they could scan at a cash register. While printable digital coupons have been available for years, the use of Scan & Go made it possible to integrate these coupons in a non-paper format.


A year after its debut as a test-market concept, though, Scan & Go was gone, which left those in the test markets very disappointed. Walmart claimed that it was always a short run but had neglected to tell those in the test market. These individuals lost not only their ability to shop more quickly but their more comfortable access to digital coupons. However, Walmart then brought back Scan & Go in 2015 in a single store and then spread it to over a dozen different shops. The retailer giant then promised to get Scan & Go into over 100 different shops in the upcoming years and to make it the new standard for Walmart shopping.


Reports on its use were very positive from those who tried it. However, the digital coupon element of the service was more limited, and the whole thing was ultimately stopped in 2018. This cancellation came even though many customers had alleged that it was their favorite way to shop in Walmart. Some also said that they’d refuse to shop in Walmart again until they brought this method back. While this ?test run,? as Walmart called it, could come back in the future, some experts don’t think it will return. And since then, no replacement options for the digital coupons have been released.


However, with Walmart continuing to focus on digital options like Walmart Pay and Savings Catcher, true digital coupon use cannot be too far behind. Until then, though, people who shop at Walmart will have to content themselves with printing digital coupons. This option may seem old-fashioned compared to the very popular Scan & Go method, but for now, it is all that digital coupon fans have to use at Walmart.


Only Printable Digital Coupons are Available


Walmart shoppers who were sick of downloading and printing digital coupons rejoiced when Scan & Go came and then suffered sorrow when it left. However, Walmart ? and other coupon sites ? still create digital variations of these money-saving deals. As a result, not all is lost here: you can use digital coupons when you shop at this retail giant. However, you’re going to have to do a little bit more work.


For example, you’ll have to find coupons available for Walmart ? including from their website ? and print them off. You can do this either from your home printer or a library model. Try to find a model that has the best resolution. You’re going to want one that creates the most precise possible image to avoid any problems with acceptance at the store. If details are missing in illegible, the store may not accept them.


Just as importantly, you should try to avoid grabbing the coupons too soon and smearing the ink. Let them sit for at least several minutes before taking them out of the printer. Avoid touching the surface of the coupon and, instead, hold the white edges. After the ink has dried, carefully cut out the ticket and place it in your book. Arrange it by date, product, and other elements that make it easy to understand.

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