Does Walmart Have Same-Day Pickup? Complete Guide

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does walmart have same day pickup

Does Walmart have same-day Pickup?


Walmart utilizes a program known as Pickup that helps shoppers get the goods they want more quickly and efficiently. As this service sends products directly to Walmart stores, shoppers may wonder if they can get a same-day pickup of their goods. Before answering that question, readers should fully understand this shopping option and how it benefits their needs.


How Pickup Works


Walmart Pickup is a unique program that allows you to pick up goods directly from a store near you. This option is slightly different than Walmart Grocery Pickup because you are not limited to products that are in a specific store. Instead, you make an order online with your Walmart account, and these goods are then shipped directly to a nearby store. After they get here, you can then pick up the goods after getting notified by the Walmart associates who collect and prepare these orders.


Using Pickup at a local Walmart near you is relatively simple. The following guideline should help you get through this process:


  • Log in to your Walmart online account ? you need an account if you want to make orders


  • Shop through the online store and choose whatever items you want ? remember, you aren’t limited but what is available at a particular Walmart location


  • Once you’ve finished adding all your items to the shopping cart, select ?Store Pickup? and enter your zip code to find a Walmart near you where you can pick up the goods


  • Pay for your order and wait for the confirmation email from Walmart ? this should happen almost immediately after you make the order


  • Wait to get an email indicating that your order is available for pickup ? this may take a few days because goods must be shipped to that specific store


  • Go to the store to pick up your goods ? typically, stores with this option either have an area where you can pick up goods, or you can get them at customer service locations


The nice thing about Pickup is that you can use it with a variety of different electronic devices. For example, Pickup is compatible with laptop and desktop computers. This option is probably the easiest to use because you can use a mouse to select goods, including the number of items you want. However, you can also make purchases from a variety of mobile devices.


For example, Android and Apple devices sync with this program, as long as your Walmart app is fully updated. If you’re using an older version that does not have Pickup options, click on ?Update? in your device store to upgrade the app. This action should add Pickup to your purchasing options. However, you may find that your area does not support this option, which means you cannot utilize this on your updated app.


Same-Day Pickup is Possible


One of the best aspects about Pickup is that you can get same-day pickup in certain situations. Typically, you’ll need to pay a little bit extra to get this service. Think of Amazon to get an idea of your options here. Walmart members can typically get free two-day shipping to a Walmart of their choice but can pay extra money to get same-day pickup. However, limitations may exist on this option depending on a variety of factors.


For example, the goods available in a store may influence your pickup. Some stores may have a large number of the items you already want, which minimizes the amount you need shipped to the store. However, you may have to order a larger number of items for same-day shipping, which could either slow the process or make the cost a little higher for you.


Remember: the extra cost of same-day shipping may be higher than anticipated based on the a multitude of factors. Some people may be unwilling to pay this extra price and simply wait for two-day shipping. However, availability of certain goods ? which may not be available in Walmart shipping warehouses near you ? could also limit your same-day or even two-day delivery options.


Tips for Getting Same-Day Pickup


If you are interested in getting same-day Pickup, you need to follow a few simple steps to improve your chances. These tips help to make this option more likely, though remember, you typically have to pay a little bit more to get this option from Walmart:


  • Order goods that you know are at Walmart stores near you


  • Keep your order simple and streamlined


  • Minimize how many goods you purchase from outside sources


  • Save up to pay for the same-day shipping options

Remember that same-day shipping may not always be possible with Pickup, depending on many variables. This limitation doesn’t affect the value of Pickup that much, thankfully, but you should be ready to wait after you make an order. Though these tips can help to increase your chances of getting your goods the same day, they don’t guarantee it.

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