Does Walmart Have Their Own Coupons? Complete Guide

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does walmart have their own coupons

Does Walmart have their own coupons?


Walmart is one of the largest retailers on the market and provides many types of deals for their buyers. Individuals interested in extreme couponing here need to understand their options, including the ability to stack coupons and other ways to save money when shopping at this supermarket.


Walmart Provides Unique Store Coupons


Like many other major retailers, Walmart provides its shoppers with high-quality store coupons. These deals are based on what the individual store can offer during a sales promotion. Typically, these coupons will be printed in a weekly newspaper or put up on various online sources. For example, many online sites print these digital coupons for easier access.


Just as importantly, Walmart places many of their coupons on their site. Typically, these coupons can be paired with a manufacturer coupon to save money on a deal. For example, if a buyer had a $1.00 manufacturer coupon and a $1.50 Walmart store coupon, they could save $2.50 on a product. And, usually, multiple coupons of the same type can be used on individual units of the same item.


So let’s say that a shopper went to Walmart with four $1.00 toothpaste manufacturer coupons and four $1.00 Walmart store coupons for the same product. Buyers could stack these coupons to produce a $2.00 savings on each tube of toothpaste. Limitations on this type of stacking typically max out at about four coupons, though this fact may differ depending on store location.


How to Get Walmart Coupons


Individuals looking for Walmart coupons have many options from which they can choose. The following list will detail all the ways that you can find coupons from Walmart. These simple options help to produce a wide array of savings:


  • Print outs ? Every week, Walmart prints a flier that goes out in the Sunday advertisers. This flier often contains many Walmart store coupons, though a majority of these deals will be a manufacturer’s deal. Read the coupon’s fine print to see who is offering the savings.


  • Walmart’s website ? Go to and search through their digital coupon options. Once here, you can select a coupon that suits your purposes, seek out store-based deals, and print them out. Make sure to take them to the store that will accept them.


  • Other coupon sites ? A multitude of coupon sites have popped up across the internet over the last few years. From these websites, you can find many different store-based Walmart coupons. As always, pair the coupon up with the store at which you plan on buying your goods.


  • Directly from Walmart ? In some cases, you may be able to get coupons by writing Walmart directly. Most coupons sent from the corporate headquarters will be manufacturer-based deals. However, individual stores may ? and the emphasis is on may in this situation ? provide you with some deals.


  • Coupon books ? From time to time, various communities print coupon books that they send out to residents. These books hold a multitude of various store-based deals, including for retailers like Walmart. Pay special attention to who offers the deals to ensure that you aren’t utilizing manufacturer coupons.


In most cases, coupon printers will add a small disclaimer stating who is providing the deal. For example, you’ll find the phrase ?manufacturer coupon? on those provided by a product manufacturer. Walmart prints text such as ?Walmart exclusive? on their store coupons to ensure that buyers understand where the coupon originates.


Remember that you can pair store and manufacturer coupons at Walmart to produce the best stacking results. Often, individual Walmart stores will tailor their deals to suit those offered by manufacturers. For example, they may pair a BOGO coupon with one for massive price discounts to ensure that the buyer saves good money when making a purchase.


Walmart Provides Multiple Promotion Chances


One interesting facet of Walmart savings is that they provide high-quality promotional products that can save buyers some money. For example, there are various types of custom t-shirts, stickers, and more available from their website.


In some cases, individuals who buy these promo products may be offered unique deals to thank them for their use of these items. Make sure to talk to your local Walmart stores about these benefits to learn more about how Walmart promotional items can help you save money.


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