Does Walmart Offer Same-Day Shipping? Complete Guide

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does walmart offer same day shipping

Does Walmart offer same-day shipping?


Walmart regularly upgrades its services to compete with other online vendors, such as Amazon. One new service that they’ve been toying with lately is the option of same-day shipping. Though this choice will cost you a little bit of money to implement, same-day shipping is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to leave their home ? or can’t ? but who need groceries and other supplies as soon as possible.


Same-Day Shipping is Available


Walmart shipping options vary depending on your needs and the proximity of various Walmart warehouses to your home. However, most people should be able to get same-day shipping of many goods directly to their home. Store Pickup options may allow for same-day pickup, in some fairly specific scenarios, but the products available in this way may be limited.


Typically, Walmart’s website offers members a few different options for shipping speed. For example, you can get a product in 3-5 days, which is the standard option. This shipping choice is usually free, though it may vary depending on the products shipped. For example, heavier items that require more specialized freight shipping may get charged a little extra.


However, same-day shipping from Walmart typically costs more money than others. Simply put, you’re getting items rushed to your home, and you need to pay for this perk. And, that said, not all stores will offer this option. Typically, same-day shipping is an option for Walmart stores that have launched same-day grocery delivery, a new feature that could spread across the nation very quickly.


Same-day shipping requires you to make a minimum order of $30 from Walmart, which makes it very similar to Walmart Grocery Pickup. Unlike that service, however, you can expect to pay a significant service fee to get this benefit. A flat price of $9.95 is charged for each delivery, though those who order for the first time using this option can get this fee waived by inputting the promo code FRESHCAR online during their order.


Currently, Walmart is aggressively pushing this service into over 800 stores in 100 different metro areas. Their goal is to, eventually, reach every possible Walmart, though their year-end goal was 40 percent of households in the nation. This service is pairing up with Uber and other types of delivery services to provide inexpensive and high-quality delivery to your door. And if you live in an area with this service, you can utilize this delivery option by:


  • Making an order using Walmart’s online service


  • Choosing your delivery option by picking ?Same-Day Delivery? from the available options


  • Confirming your address and pairing up with a nearby Walmart for these deliveries


  • Choosing your payment option and paying for the order, including the delivery fee


  • Waiting at least 3-4 hours for your groceries to arrive

Thankfully, Walmart created a simple app that allows you to track the delivery route of your groceries, which can make pickup even easier for you. This tracking option operates much like Uber’s GPS-dictated tracking methods and will let you know when goods have left a store and where the delivery vehicle is in relation to your home as it travels.


While this option is beneficial for the right person, some individuals may not want to pay the $9.95 delivery charge. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to get their items on the same day if they don’t. However, they can get the next best thing by getting them in two days for free. And while one-day shipping is also available from Walmart, it too will cost extra money.


Free Two-Day Shipping is Also an Option


If you cannot afford same-day or even one-day shipping for your items, consider two-day shipping from Walmart instead. This free option is a good middle ground for those who don’t want to pay a lot for shipping. While you won’t get your goods as fast as you might desire, you won’t have to pay a lot of extra money to get them either. Other benefits of utilizing this service include the following advantages:


  • Wide availability with many Walmart goods


  • Free and easy shipping method that still gets you your items rather quickly


  • Available for most Walmart shoppers, as long as they have an online account with Walmart


  • Not directed by store proximity, which increases buying and shipping options


  • Default option for most people when buying from Walmart’s online shop, which makes it easier to use


  • Compatible with Walmart Pay options to allow for more streamlined and efficient buying


This option is similar to Amazon’s two-day shipping, though is typically available for a broader range of people. Only those who pay extra for Amazon Prime get two-day shipping while every shopper has this option at Walmart.

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