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Escape From Tarkov promo code

Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes


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About Escape from Tarkov


Escape from Tarkov is an FPS-TPS-RPG hybrid, developed by the Russian company Battlestate Games.

It is currently in the beta stage, with patches and updates released every couple of months.

The story of Escape from Tarkov takes place in the fictional Russian town of Tarkov.

It is a so-called Special Economic Zone, a gateway between Russia and the Western world.

The place became a haven for international arms companies.

With tensions heating up, an armed conflict broke out, and the UN Peacekeepers and the Russian military sealed off the area.

The major factions in the game are two arms companies.

They are the United Security (USEC), a member of the Terra Group, an international company engaged in armed conflicts, and the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR).

BEAR is an organization allegedly created on the order of the Russian government to hinder Terra Group activities.

As the conflict escalated, many of the city’s residents fled, those that remained in Tarkov formed armed gangs.

These gangs control various parts of the city and collect whatever resources they can to stay alive.

The player must choose between the two big factions, USEC and BEAR, and try to make his way out of the city by making different choices.

These choices include embarking on quests, looting, trading and fighting.


Features of Escape From Tarkov


The game currently features two playable game modes, PMC Survival and Scav.

Both of which are multiplayer-only, and already implemented in the current beta version.

They feature a raid-like gameplay mode, similar to that of MMORPGs.

In PMC Survival, you go into the raid as your own, main character.

You can pick and choose your own gear that you take into the raid.

During the raid you can loot from other players and AIs.

However, if you get killed, you lose all your gear.

In order to retain your gear, as well as all your looted items, you have to get to an extraction point alive.

In the other, currently available gameplay mode, you go into the raid as a Scavenger or Scav for short.

You get assigned a random, game-generated character with random gear.

You fight PMCs as well as other Scav players occasionally.

As opposed to the PMC Survival mode, you do not lose your gear if you die.

However, in order to transfer any loot you picked up during the raid to your main character requires you to reach the extraction point.

There is also a 10-minute cooldown after a raid in which you cannot use your Scavs again.

Other planned gameplay modes in the final game include Story Mode, Player Hideout, Open World Mode, and Arena Mode.

However, these are not available yet in the current beta version of the game.


Escape From Tarkov Maps

A variety of maps are available for players already, with more being in production.

The current maps include the Woods, the Customs, the Factory, the Interchange and the Lab.

Not yet released maps are the Suburbs, the Streets of Tarkov, the Lighthouse, the Terminal, the Shoreline, and the Town.

Each have their unique layout when it comes to buildings, obstacles, loot boxes, terrain, and size.

For example, the Customs is a more open map containing a large industrial park.

It has lots of space available for more open, mid-ranged combat.

The Factory map is more suited for close-quarters combat with its zigzagged tunnels, walkways and corridors.

Some maps also have unique features.

For example, insuring your gear does not work in the Lab, as it is not known as a location by any officials.

The gameplay of Escape from Tarkov focuses on realistic combat, similar to the well-known ARMA series.

There are three speeds at which you can move.? Thes include running, walking and slow walking.

The speed running making the most and slow-walking the least amount of noise.

The amount of noise your footsteps generate is also dependent on the surface you are walking.

These surfaces include grass, concrete or broken glass and all generate different levels of noise.

You also need to make use of different stances.

These stances include standing and crouching.

Each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to speed, visibility and amount of noise generated.

Another feature to be used frequently is peeking and leaning behind corners and edges to detect enemies without exposing yourself.

Using a combination of movement speeds, stances, peeking and leaning are essential for traversing the maps and fighting effectively.


Escape From Tarkov Weapons, Equipment and Gear

Another very important part of the gameplay is weapons and equipment.

You can heavily modify all your weapons including changing the barrel of the gun, adding various optics and so on.

You can also equip various vests and helmets for protection, and chest rigs for carrying weapons and ammunition.

Headsets can aid you in hearing low-level noises, such as an enemy sneaking up on you.

Different sizes of backpacks can be used.

Larger ones can hold more loot, however, they decrease your speed and so your mobility will be reduced in combat.

Gear can be obtained during raids, or by trading with merchants.

Each specializes in certain areas, such as medicine or ammunition.

They often provide additional services for extra fees.

This includes insurance on you gear that lets you retrieve it if you die during a raid.

They also offer barter on certain items, allowing the players to obtain items for a cheaper price than normal.

Additionally, there is a flea market built into the game.

This is where players (and AI) can sell and buy equipment from each other through an offer-based system.


Escape From Tarkov Health and Injuries

The health and hitpoints system is also a key aspect of Escape from Tarkov.

Different body parts such as head, thorax, stomach, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg have different damage propensities.

Their injuries affect your character in different ways.

There are three levels of damaged states for each body part, normal (gray ), injured (red) and destroyed (black).

Injured or destroyed arms affect your ability to reload, aim and fire, and damaged legs will impede your ability to move.

While stomach injuries will cause you to dehydrate and cough blood, revealing your position with the extra noise.

Bleeding can be stopped with bandages while restoring the condition of injured or destroyed body parts can be done with medkits.

Injuries also cause various temporary effects, such as pain, contusion, tremors or tunnel vision.

These are indicated by various distortions of the player’s screen, such as darkening, blurring or shaking.

These are either removed automatically after a certain number of seconds or require the player to treat the injury in order to be removed.


Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Escape from Tarkov


What is Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter multiplayer game with many RPG elements and an emphasis on realistic, tactical combat.


Is Escape from Tarkov a free game?

No, Escape from Tarkov is not free, however, it will be sold as a buy to play the game, there will be no microtransactions in-game.


Where do I buy Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is currently in its beta stage, however, you can already pre-order it on the official Escape from Tarkov website.


How much does Escape from Tarkov cost?

It depends on which version you pre-order, the Standard Edition of Escape from Tarkov currently costs ?39.99.

Other versions, such as the Left Behind Edition, Prepare for Escape Edition and the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition offer more features and cost more.


When will the full version of Escape from Tarkov be released?

While a playable beta version is already available, and patches are released regularly, there is no news yet on when the full version will be released.


Can I buy Escape from Tarkov on Steam?

Currently not, but it will most likely be made available on Steam after the official release.


What platforms is Escape from Tarkov available on?

Currently, it’s made for a Windows release.

There possibly there will be Xbox and PS4 releases as well.

However, Battlestate Games hasn’t announced when that would happen as of yet.


Is Escape from Tarkov an open-world game?

Escape from Tarkov is played on a series of maps.

However, there is an Open World gameplay mode in development where all the maps will be interconnected.


How realistic is the game?

Escape from Tarkov puts a lot of emphasis on realism.

Players can succumb to injuries on various body parts.

This includes bleeding, dehydration, infections, dehydration and so on.

Weapons can jam, misfire, and have recoil.

Bullets fly according to realistic ballistics.

They can ricochet from objects, or shift trajectory after passing through a window or a wooden board.


What are the hardware requirements? What engine is the game based on?

Escape from Tarkov is based on the Unity 5 engine.

The exact hardware requirements are not released officially yet.

Currently, the game shows 120+ FPS with ultimate graphics on PC.


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