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Home Again Promo Codes

Home Again Promo Codes


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About Home Again


Losing a dog is almost as painful as losing a family member, especially if there is an unbreakable bond of friendship between the dog and you.

If you have watched the movie ?Lassie Comes Home? ? you probably have seen the blissfulness of the tearful reunion with Lassie and her owners.

But real life is not always has a happy ending like that in the movies.

Every dog can go astray and get lost.

And not every lost dog can sniff its way back home.

In the past, more than 90% of all missing pets have never been found.

And even today, that percentage hasn?t changed, if we exclude the microchipped dogs from that group, of course.

The truth is that over 54% of lost microchipped pets have been found and reunited with their owners.

One company that has a big role in reuniting lost pets with owners is the Home Again company.

Heartbroken pets? owners, including the percentage of missing pets, was one of the main reasons why the ?Home Again? company was started in the first place.

New technology always strives to make our lives easier. And we should always step with new technology forward.


What is Home Again?

The name says a lot about the company.

Home Again is a pet recovery service dating back to 2009 (Dealing with microchips).

Their website is filled with successful reuniting-stories of lost-but-found pets.

Words can?t express the meaning of reuniting with your lost pet, can they?

We all want a happy ending story when it comes to our pets, and that?s exactly what Home Again has been doing for over ten years now.

What Services Do Home Again Offer?

National Pet Recovery Database:

Every microchip has a unique ID number, which acts as an ID card for your pet.

Besides, the ID number stays permanently in the Home Again National Pet Recovery Database, which is very important.

Whenever an astray dog ends in a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, the first thing a white-collar worker does is checking the dog for a possible microchip with a proper scanner.

Now, aside from your pet?s ID number, your contact information also has to be put in the National Pet Recovery Database.

Otherwise, it would be hard for anyone to reach you after finding your dog.

Therefore, always keep your contact information updated in the Home Again NPR Database.

It?s an easy process.

All you have to do is open your pet profile at Home gain.com and do the changes ? if there are any.

Lost Pet Specialists:

Home Again has a Lost Pet hotline Support that becomes available 24/7 to you after you get your annual Home Again

This support is made of trained specialists that will assist and guide you from the moment you lose your dog until the moment you find it.

We all know what panic looks like.

You find out that your dog has gone missing, and you freak out.

Your voice trembles and you can barely speak.

But don?t worry.

Home Again support has dealt with all kinds of situations.

They are not the type of support that would solve the problem by hanging up the phone.

On the contrary, they would work round-the-clock to help you.

You?ll be in good hands.

Rapid Lost Pet Alerts:

The very moment when you report your pet missing to the Home Again service, trained specialists send Rapid Lost Pet Alerts to the Pet Recovery Network constituted of veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and pet rescuers.

The Home Again PR network is encompassing over 2 million animal institutions over the whole nation.

The pursuit starts at the area where your dog has gone missing within a 25-mile radius, but it doesn?t stop there.

The pursuit starts to expand and continues by any means necessary until your pet is found.

Emergency Medical Hotline:

Home Again doesn?t only provide you support when your pet is lost.

24-hour support of licensed ASPCA veterinarians is always there to help you, especially when an emergency (Concerning the life of your pet) occurs.

Travel Assistance for Found Pets:

Home Again has carried out over 2 million successful reunions of pets with their owners.

Some people don?t want to believe in stories like ? A missing dog has been found 1.000 miles away from its home. But it?s true.

Home Again covers $500 in pet airfare, for any pet that has been lost and found at a distance longer than 500 miles from home.


The annual HomeAgain membership, including the microchip, costs only $19.99.

After you get the microchip, however, it only takes for a few seconds for a vet to place the microchip between your pet?s shoulder blades under the skin.

The pain to your pet won?t be any bigger than the one of a vaccine.

The price to implant the microchip in your dog differs ? depending on the vet and his prices for services. But the usual cost is for about $45.


Microchip Pet Doors:

It?s a small entry at the bottom of the front door that allows our pets to get in and out of the house without disturbing our peace.

A microchip pet door is the same thing, only designed to open at the corresponding chip that our pet has.

Thus, you shouldn?t worry about any unwelcomed pets or intruders entering your home.

Besides, these microchip pet flaps also have a curfew mode, which allows you to lock or unlock the flap whenever you need to.

Microchip Pet Feeders:

Another interesting product is the microchip pet feeder.

This type of feeder opens only to the pet that has the corresponding chip.

This type of product is especially useful if you have small children, or if you keep cats and dogs or other animals in the same room.

With microchip pet feeder ? you shouldn?t worry about feeding your cat while your dog is around, for there is no way on how your dog could get a bite of the wrong food.

The moment it chases off the cat, the feeder closes.


They can be implanted in a dog by any vet.

Anesthetic is needless in the procedure.

The microchip has permanent viability (You don?t need any chargers to charge it).

Microchips can?t fall down or move out of place.

The reading of the chip works only on proper scanners, but almost every veterinary clinic or animal shelter is equipped with such scanners.

The budget-friendly price of a microchip is incomparable to the pain you?d feel if you lost your pet and never find it back.

There is no additional cost to the services you?ll get lost pet alerts, lost pet hotline, and the emergency medical hotline.


Imagine that your dog has gone missing.

How would you get your dog back?

If you haven?t invested in implanting a microchip in your dog, it won?t be as easy as you think to get your dog back.

But if you do have invested in implanting a microchip in your dog, especially when the dog has been just a puppy.

It?s true that microchips don?t prove ownership of a pet.

Why? Anyone can steal a dog and implant a microchip in it.

But if you have implanted the microchip early enough, when the dog has been just a small puppy, then the date of the implantation would be sufficient evidence for the court and jury, if it ever comes to that.

Still, there are also good people, who found missing pets.

These types of people would do anything to return the pet back to its owner.

But without a microchip implanted in the pet, that is a very hard thing to do, not least if the dog?s home is more than 200 or 300 miles away.


Do microchips have a GPS system?

Microchips are radio-frequency implants, not tracking devices.

Can I disable my dog?s microchip?

The only way to disable a microchip from your pet is by removing it completely from its body.

How old should my pet be to get a microchip?

A microchip can be implanted in your pet at any age.

How big are microchips?

They are almost the same size as the size of a grain of rice.


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