How Can I Get Coupons for Free? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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how can I get coupons for free

How Can I Get Coupons for Free?


Coupons provide consumers with big deals on a multitude of products. Thankfully, there are many different ways that people can get these money-saving deals for free. The following sources should be utilized at every chance to save yourself big cash when it comes time to go shopping.


Pay Attention to Sunday Mailings


Every Sunday, advertisers mail out coupons in a small newspaper format. This schedule typically varies between a multitude of different providers, including RetailMeNot and SmartSource. These free coupons are designed to attract business to a company and to bring in people who may not have come to a store otherwise to get sales on items that they want.


Essentially, these free coupon listings are a win-win for both sides. The consumer gets coupons for nothing while the store that offers the coupon receives publicity. The one tricky thing about this approach is that you’ll have to settle for what coupons are available every Sunday. And there may not be deals printed in some advertisers that become available later in the week.


However, this method remains the simplest way to get free coupons for those who don’t want to do a lot of extra work. Any individual who puts up a small advertisers mailbox on their post will receive these listings on Sunday. Make sure to check online schedules to gauge what kind of deals are available during that week. In many instances, you can plan ahead using online sources and choose your weekly shopping stops based on the deals that will be offered in the Sunday paper.


Sign Up for Coupon Book Mailing Lists


Every month or so, many large communities and retail centers print large coupon books that get sent out to people living in an area. These books of coupons provide a multitude of deals, each of which is designed to fit a specific season. For example, Costco members can sign up for warehouse deals and receive specific savings every week or month.


However, individuals can also sign up for reward groups from specific companies to receive free coupons in the mail every month. For example, Kellogg’s has a reward system that includes digital coupons sent directly to members every week. These coupons can then be printed off or used digitally to provide buyers with savings on many different products.


Sometimes, though, these coupon books come at random times without any interest or effort from an individual. As a result, it can be hard to know when to expect these books and how to plan for them. So make sure to keep track of your mail and to avoid throwing anything out before taking at a more in-depth look. You might just find a book of high-quality coupons that will save you money.


Use Online Coupon Sites


The easiest way to get free coupons is to search the many, many online sites that feature free printable deals. For example, sites like include a large number of manufacturer coupons that you can print or download to your phone for easier scanning. Other sites, like RedPlum, focus on creating a loyalty-card system that produces many deals for a large number of individuals.


Most of these sites can be joined for free, though some do ask for a small fee if you want to get access to bigger deals. These fees, technically, sign a person up for a loyalty group. Payments typically include once-a-year lump sums or monthly fees paid out at specific times. Usually, the available coupons will change weekly and provide users with many deal options.


However, customers can also sign up for coupon delivery directly from a manufacturer’s website. These groups often create their own loyalty groups and coupon delivery systems that only loyal customers can access. Similarly, retailers often provide digital coupons that you can download and print to save money on goods just in those stores.


Just Ask the Manufacturer


Individuals who don’t mind doing a little work can directly e-mail or even send letters to manufacturers and ask for coupons. This process can take hours and even days but may be a good choice for those who want deals from specific dealers. Don’t waste your time trying to get deals on items you don’t want or will barely use because this process does take some time to finish.


One individual tried this approach and received coupons from over one-quarter of the companies that they contacted. One of the biggest of these providers was SC Johnson, who provided $1 coupons for a multitude of products. Unilever also provided several coupons for a variety of products including Vaseline, ice cream, and much more.


Now, not every company will be willing to send coupons to you. Some will either send excuses for why they can’t send coupons, ask you to join a loyalty group, or refuse to answer your e-mail. However, the hard work can pay off if you focus on companies with a history of providing coupons to their customers.

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