How Do I Get Coupons? Top Choices On Where To Find Coupons

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How do i get couponsHow do I get coupons?


Anyone interested in couponing needs to fully understand where to get these money-saving deals. You simply can’t rely on luck or random mailers to show up in your mailbox. Instead, true extreme couponers need to take proactive steps to ensure that they get the deals that they want.


Sunday Newspapers


The most obvious way to get coupons is to look through Sunday newspapers and fliers. Most grocery stores and other types of retailers print their coupons on this day and offer a multitude of deals on several products. Just as importantly, many Sunday newspaper put their coupons online to ensure that a larger number of individuals can get access to their savings.


Online coupons and paper coupons can be used at the same time but with limitations. For example, a digital coupon that offers the same deal as a paper coupon is not a separate coupon at all. In fact, it is the same deal as the paper one and, unless otherwise stated, cannot be stacked to improve a shopper’s level of savings. This mistake is one that many individuals make when starting with coupons.


Those who want to stack coupons often do best by collecting papers from neighbors who don’t use fliers. Since a vast majority of people just throw away coupons every Sunday, you can take these papers off of a person’s hands and use their coupons for your needs. Make sure, though, that there is a deal that can stack or you’re going to end up with a lot of useless coupons.


Online Websites


A large number of websites provide high-quality coupons directly from manufacturers and retailers. These sites typically allow you to download these deals and apply them digitally at a cash register. However, you can also print off these deals and use them as paper coupons. As with all coupons, stacking is only allowed if the retailer or manufacturer gives permission.


Often, these online coupon sites link up to high-quality apps that can track deals throughout your town. Typically, these online deals are updated periodically throughout the week to provide maximum benefits. After downloading the app, you will receive updates on these deals to help focus your shopping in a streamlined and straightforward manner. Pay attention to these coupons to ensure maximum savings.


Just as importantly, make sure to sort all of your online coupons by their expiration dates. Like purely paper deals, these money-saving options typically expire after a few months or weeks. Thankfully, most high-quality coupon apps will automatically sort these options by expiration date to ensure that you get access to them as soon as possible. However, you should still check often to avoid any mistakes.


Contacting Manufacturers


One surprising thing that may shock many beginning couponers is the fact that manufacturers often send deals directly to customers. This act requires a little subtly to do properly. For example, simply writing a manufacturer and demanding coupons typically results in failure. Instead, shoppers need to write the manufacturer and praise their goods and state that they would like to have more of them.


In some situations, you may be entirely ignored by the manufacturer and receive no reply. However, you may also get a letter of thanks from the manufacturer and a few money-saving deals. For example, some may send you different coupons that you can apply online for certain types of products. These deals are typically saved for specific situations and provide you with deals others cannot get.


Other manufacturers may even send you free samples or free products as a way of saying thank you. This step may seem baffling or impossible to imagine, but this option has its benefits for manufacturers. Simply put, free samples practically ensure loyalty from a customer, particularly if they are already praising the business. Don’t expect this kind of treatment very often, however, and rarely more than once from a single company.


Order Newsletters


Another smart way to get access to coupons is to sign up for a manufacturer’s newsletter. These newsletters are sent directly to buyers, either through e-mail or in the mail. Typically, manufacturers print a large number of individual sales that buyers can’t find anywhere else. For example, you may get access to stackable coupons from a company that normally doesn’t stack.


This step gives you an edge in the coupon competition by providing you with ? usually ? weekly coupons for absolutely free. Such loyalty-building programs are a critical marketing step for many businesses. And rest assured that these corporations fully understand how to provide these kinds of deals without losing money in the process.

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