How Do I Get Started With Extreme Couponing? Complete Guide

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how to get started extreme couponing

How do I get started with extreme couponing?


Extreme couponing is a big lifestyle change and one that will require dedication and skill to master. The following process will help you become better at couponing and give you the chance to save a huge amount of money whenever you go to the store.


Create a Daily Coupon Timeslot


Extreme couponing is a time-consuming activity for many people. The individuals showcased on coupon shows are often housewives or househusbands who dedicate themselves, almost full time, to extreme couponing. You don’t have to go to quite those levels to save money but should set aside a daily coupon time slot of about 1-2 hours.


During this time, you need to find high-quality coupons, research where they can be used, seek out sales from different retailers, and reach out to these companies about double- and triple-stacking coupons. All of this research will help you better understand what to expect when you go out to the store. Just as importantly, make sure to check your area’s coupon schedule to ensure you get deals on products that you want.


Research Coupon Options


Successful extreme couponers don’t rely just on their Sunday mailer or deals in their newspaper. Instead, they utilize every possible option available to them. For example, they may go door-to-door to collect coupon flyers, newspapers, and coupon books from those who don’t plan on using them. This action is often the only way that you can successfully stack coupons.


However, you also need to try out various types of coupon apps and coupon websites to find the best possible deals. These apps provide an incredible array of information on sales, information that would be hard to get if you relied only on physical coupon details. And when researching coupons, try to find services that offer cashback deals on coupon use to save yourself further money.


Organize Your Coupons


While you are collecting coupons, both in a physical and digital form, confusion is very likely. After all, you might be juggling dozens, if not hundreds, of these deals at the same time. Avoid serious confusion by getting a coupon binder. These binders sort coupons based on the type of items that they can be used for and also by their expiration dates.


You may want to get multiple binders, though, to separate coupons based on each store at which you shop. Doing so will make shopping day easier, particularly if you have to hit up multiple stores. Instead of desperately looking through your coupons trying to find the ones appropriate for a store, you can confidently walk into a shop and present your deals to the cashier without any hassle.


Pay Attention to Other Types of Deals


Beginning couponers often make the mistake of ruling out shops that don’t offer daily double- or triple-coupon options. This mistake is understandable because stacking is such an important way of saving money with extreme couponing. However, many stores that don’t normally allow double- or triple-stacking coupons may have particular days during the week or month when they do allow stacking.


Focus your shopping at these stores on these days to maximize your savings. Just as importantly, you need to pay special attention to any ?clearance? deals on items. In some situations, stores may print clearance deals at the same time that they offer coupons. Though this may be hard to believe, there is a good chance that careful couponing could result in the store owning you money!


Plan for Overage


As mentioned above, there are scenarios in which a store could conceivably owe the customer money after making a sale. Typically, this type of overage occurs when a store provides a large discount on a product at the same time that they print a coupon. For example, let’s say that a store is attempting to get rid of a certain type of baking mix and prices it at $1.00 per box, which is $1.00 of its normal price.


However, the company also printed a coupon for $0.50 off of the same baking mix. If this store allows triple-stacking ? or if you shop during triple-stacking days ? you could stack this $0.50 coupon to take $1.50 off of the $1.00 price. Though rare, these moments are the dream of all extreme couponers and make all the hard work worth the effort. And don’t worry ? the store will make money on the product because the manufacturer will compensate them for these coupons.


Be Patient


Lastly, be patient with your extreme couponing. Don’t immediately rush to a store to get a deal simply because it is available. Wait a little while to see if the store offers any more discounts on a product. Make sure, however, to use your coupons before the expiration date. A failure to do so is one of the most embarrassing things an extreme couponer can do with their time.

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