How Do I Scan Receipts With Walmart Savings Catcher? Step-By-Step Guide

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How do I scan receipts with Walmart Savings Catcher?


Walmart Savings Catcher provides shoppers with many savings that can help cut down on their shopping bills. However, some limitations do apply when trying to utilize this app. For example, shoppers cannot use paper receipts with Walmart Savings Catcher anymore. Thankfully, this application still provides benefits when used properly.


Only Walmart Pay is Available for Savings Catcher


Although Walmart once allowed shoppers to scan their receipts using Savings Catcher, they have since gone back on that option and limit buyers to just Walmart Pay. This change may be very frustrating for many shoppers because it limits how they can save. Some people simply won’t want to use Walmart Pay and will prefer to use their normal buying methods instead.


However, Walmart Pay does provide many benefits that make it a good choice for some buyers. For example, Walmart Pay includes a variety of advantages that you can utilize for your shopping choices, such as:


  • Streamlined Purchases ? Pay for your goods right on your phone while in the store or when shopping online for products.


  • Easier Receipt Tracking ? Use Walmart Pay if you don’t want to track your paper receipts and would rather use Walmart’s digital options.


  • Compatibility With Savings Catcher ? Those who want to save the most money when shopping at Walmart should utilize Savings Catcher.


  • May Help With Rebate Apps ? Shoppers who use rebate apps, such as Ibotta, may find that Walmart Pay provides a streamlined way to save. Make sure, though, to print paper versions of Walmart Pay receipts to get these rebates.


  • Easier Pickup and Grocery Pickup Options ? Walmart Pay syncs easily with these two buying options, which helps to improve your shopping experience. Though you can pay with credit cards using these services, Walmart Pay tracks your purchases more easily.

These benefits make Walmart Pay a good option for those who want a faster and more efficient shopping experience. Just as important, Walmart Pay lets you use Savings Catcher, which is the best way to save money at Walmart. So let’s take a look at how to use this program with Walmart Pay to give you a better idea of the ways you can save money with this buying option.


How to Use Savings Catcher


If you are interested in using Walmart Pay and Savings Catcher, you need to follow the basic guidelines below to better understand the benefits of this shopping option. These steps below to improve your chances of finding deals with Savings Catcher:


  • Shop for Goods ? Find items that you want to buy either online or in a brick-and-mortar Walmart store. The items you get doesn’t matter, here, because Savings Catcher isn’t a rebate or coupon app that is based on deals but on potentially finding lower-priced items in other stores. Smart shoppers may want to make a list of cheaper items from nearby stores to improve their chances of savings, but this isn’t always accurate, as Savings Catcher goes by the advertised manufacturer price of other stores and not deal prices.


  • Checkout Using Walmart Pay ? Open up your Walmart Pay application and select the ?Checkout? option. Wait a few moments for the application to sync up to the cash register ? if you’re in a brick-and-mortar store ? before you checkout. When buying online, the app should be automatically synced to your checkout. Pay for the goods, bag them up, and then head home.


  • Compare Your Potential Savings ? After getting home, open up your Savings Catcher app and click on your most recent receipt. Once you do this, your receipt will be scanned by the application to check for cheaper deals near you. This process is automatic and should only take a few minutes. If better deals were found, the application will let you know the amount and apply it to a digital eGift card.


  • Tracking and Using Your Savings ? Your savings on each receipt will typically be quite small, often no more than $0.10 to $1.00 or so. However, you can continually use Savings Catcher to buildup a large eGift card. Use your app to see your cumulative savings and use the eGift card to make purchases online or in a brick-and-mortar store.


This last point is one of the most important to consider when using Savings Catcher. You aren’t going to find huge deals every time you use Savings Catcher. In many instances, you’re likely to get no savings on many shopping trips.

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