How much does Walmart Grocery Pickup cost? Complete Guide

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how much does walmart grocery pickup cost

How much does Walmart Grocery Pickup cost?


As more stores across the nation start utilizing Walmart Grocery Pickup, a growing number of individuals are interested in trying it out. However, many may worry that Walmart Grocery Pickup will cost them extra money and that they would have been better of just shopping in the store. Thankfully, Walmart Grocery Pickup should cost you no extra money at all to use.


Pickup is Absolutely Free


Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way right away: yes, Walmart Grocery Pickup is free. You have to pay no fee to utilize this service nor do you have to pay the people delivering your groceries any extra money. These individuals are typically explicitly hired to perform Walmart Grocery Pickup duties, which gives them the ability to focus on this relatively simple task.


And, even better, there is no markup on the groceries that you purchase. For example, some stores may charge a little bit more for groceries in a pickup service merely to make up extra money. However, Walmart doesn’t do that, which makes this service one of the best of its types on the market. That said, there are a few limitations to consider when making this purchase.


For example, you must buy at least $30 worth of groceries to utilize this app. So no, you can’t pick up a bag of Doritos for a party without having any other purchase. You can also only choose items that are in that particular Walmart. Thankfully, the app should automatically check the store’s stock to ensure that the things you want are available. If not, the app will let you know.


Just as importantly, you need to know the exact name of the item which you want to purchase when selecting them. For example, if you wanted to buy a full-sized bag of Doritos, you need to choose this product and not a smaller personal-sized bag. Individuals using this app for the first time may easily make this mistake and end up with wrong groceries. The employees can’t be blamed, here, as they are only going by what the shopper put up on their list.


How Orders are Filled


If you are interested in trying Walmart Grocery Pickup, follow these steps to make an order:


  • Make an order online using the Walmart Grocery Pickup shopping app


  • Pay for the order and set up a pickup time from the ones available on the list


  • Wait for a phone call from your respective Walmart at the time of the pickup


  • Drive to the appropriate pickup area ? typically along the side of the store ? and call the service number to let them know that you are there


  • Wait until the Grocery Pickup associates come to the car ? this may take some time, so be patient for their arrival


  • Let the associates pack the groceries into your car, including your trunk, the backseat, or the bed of a pickup truck


  • Leave the store and go home with your groceries ? you already paid online, and tipping the associates is usually not necessary


When selecting from the pickup times, make sure that you carefully choose one that is right for you. Typically, orders placed by 2:00 am one day will be available for pickup by 8:00 am the next day. And any orders made by 10 am on one day will be available by 1 pm the same day. You can make pickups any day of the week and can schedule a pickup three weeks in advance. This option is useful if you have a party coming up and need to have specific goods for it on a particular day.


Other Important Considerations


Before you try Walmart Grocery Pickup, you should take the following important considerations into mind to ensure that you get the best possible experience for your money:


  • Walmart Grocery Pickup is not available in all stores, so check your zip code in the service provider


  • Same-day service is available, though you can also schedule pickups later in the week


  • Debit or credit cards are the only payment options ? cash and gift cards are not yet accepted


  • No manufacturer coupons may be used with Walmart Grocery Pickup


  • You can make changes to your order typically up to a day before you make the pickup


  • Substitutions are available for items that are not in stock


  • The promo code ?WOWFRESH? will save first-time users $10 on their order


  • Other people can pick up your orders if you don’t have the time to do it for yourself


These simple considerations help to make Walmart Grocery Pickup a more effective and engaging shopping option for a large number of people. Don’t hesitate to try it out if you think that it’s right for your needs. You might be surprised at how much time it can save you.

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