Newspapers That Have The Best Coupons (And Which Ones To Choose)

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which newspapers have the best coupons

Which newspaper has the best coupons?


Coupon hunters all want to know the answer to one question: which newspaper is the best place to find coupons?

The answer to this question should be easy but is, instead, somewhat challenging to answer.

Fully understanding your options here requires you to examine the regional offerings near you and to do a lot of research into which is right for your specific shopping needs.


Newspaper Deals Vary Depending on Your Region


Knowing which newspaper has the best coupon deals isn’t as easy as pointing out a singular paper that covers the whole nation.

Simply put, there are hundreds of publications ? if not thousands ? across the nation that provide deals with each Sunday edition.

Therefore, trying to narrow down this search to just one paper that is right for everybody in the country isn’t just hard ? it is impossible.


However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a great newspaper in your region that provides the best deals.

Instead, you need to carefully research the best papers in your area for coupons and deals.

For example, New Jersey and the New York Metro typically get the best deals from the Star-Ledger, a paper that runs across that area and many others.

Residents also enjoy getting deals from Newsday, New York Post, Bergen Record, Daily News, Daily Record, and much more.


By contrast, those in the Ohio Valley region ? including Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and lower Michigan ? typically get the best deals from papers such as the Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, the Springfield Post Dispatch out of Ohio, the Detroit Free Press, the Star Tribune, and more.

Each of these papers provides unique deals that are tweaked to fit the various stores and regional chains that are popular in the area.


This fact is important to emphasize: the unique geographical and cultural differences across the nation influence which newspaper is the best for your coupons.

For example, a New York paper that focuses on regional chains is useless to someone who lives in Los Angeles, as these chains aren’t likely to exist there. So don’t focus on national newspaper chains when searching for great deals but only on local options.


Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Paper


If you aren’t sure which newspaper near you is best for your coupon needs, don’t hesitate to purchase several papers every Sunday.

You can go to your local grocery store or another market and find multiple copies of local or regional newspapers.

Try to find the largest newspapers to improve your chances of success. However, you can also get subscriptions to various papers to ensure that you don’t have to leave the house to get the best deals possible.


For example, you can get multiple newspapers delivered to your house every Sunday to ensure that you get the best possible deals.

This approach is smart because it not only gives you access to multiple coupon sources but increases your chances of stacking possibilities.

Simply put, many newspapers will share the same manufacturer and retailer coupons in their mailers.


As a result, you can maximize your coupon spread and increase your chances of success.

If you don’t want to get many different newspapers, though, you can always ask a single publication to deliver one copy per person in your house.

This approach is less expensive than getting several different subscriptions and will ensure that you get maximum stacking chances.

It does limit your overall deal spread, though, so think carefully before making a decision here.


Finding These Deals for Free


One of the best ways to enhance your newspaper coupon experience is to find free deals.


Thankfully, there are many ways that you can find free newspaper coupons, including how you can:


  • Ask friends and family members for their coupons ? most won’t be using their coupons, and you can use them for your gain


  • Sign up for free newspapers ? these newspapers often print a multitude of coupons that, while not the best, are still free


  • See if local businesses will give you old papers ? at the end of the day, many businesses will throw out their old newspapers but will also give them away to people who ask


  • Visit a recycling center to find old editions ? a vast majority of old newspapers likely end up here, so visit and see if you can find coupon inserts that you can use


  • Try out free newspaper stands ? don’t hesitate to try out a few free local newspapers stands to find real deals that can save you money


Don’t hesitate to try out these unique sources to get high-quality deals for absolutely free.

The smartest shoppers do a little extra work to save cash and you can join up with them using these simple hacks.

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