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plum paper promo codes

Plum Paper Promo Codes


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About Plum Paper

In a society where tech reigns, there is still a special niche for sticking with paper trails.

At Plum Paper, an innovative planning solutions company, they rise above the screens of tech and give their customers unique, fun and exciting products to help organize their everyday life.

They started out creating wedding invitations for happy couples and stylish note cards.

Before long, they realized the potential behind the paper industry and expanded into providing even more planning solutions for a wider customer base!

Located in San Diego, CA, they deliver top quality, colorful and pretty stationary products directly from their office all year round.


Plum Paper Products


Stationary stands strong at Plum Paper and their products offer every customer a year-round organized solution for every day life.

There are uses for stationary products outside of the back-to-school season.

All over the world, there are offices conducting business, parties to plan, small business to support, etc. that are in need of high quality paper products.

No matter the event, job or business, Plum Paper has a solution for keeping stylish while being organized.


Along with being stylish, what makes Plum Paper so attractive is their dedication to their customers’ needs.

Personalized products give an edge above others. When most people think of customized products, they instantly think of initials or names.

While this is an obvious option, Plum Paper takes their customizing process a step further.

The power of creation is truly in the customer’s hands as they can choose sizes, layouts, etc. and even pictures for the cover!

This unique process lets the customer choose what best fits their life’s needs from specialized tabs to scheduled planning and meal planning, the options are practically limitless.

Each product has a layout choice that can be built upon by anyone’s needs. This sets Plum Paper apart from any other stationary company!

Below are the products they offer to any and every customer base!




Planners are an essential part of many individual’s lifestyles.

This could be a teacher, a busy mom, a student, a business professional, a manager, no one is left out in the planning process.

With the highly detailed customizing process, every lifestyle has the ability to create something to fit specific needs, all while creating a look that is uniquely stylish for them!

The planners come in various types and one of the most common types are the teacher and student planners.

They are designed with any level of schooling in mind, even homeschooling!


Another great feature of the planners from Plum Paper are the interchangeable covers.

Sometimes style is motivated by mood and change does the mind wonders!

These covers easily convert any planner from Plum Paper into a fresh new design by simply snapping onto the front.

This durable synthetic material is tear-proof and waterproof, making the process even easier!

Matching a cover to a feeling or mood or style has never been so exciting.


The most popular feature of Plum Paper planners are their add-ons.

Once again creating a unique look to fit any customer, these add-ons are designed with optimal organization in mind.

From labeled tabs for specialized sections to page layouts for any type of planner space needed, they truly give freedom to the customer to give way to a more planned out life.


Spiral Notebooks


Stores carry the generic spiral notebooks with less than perfect paper.

At Plum Paper, the innovation of the spiral notebook not only created a better quality type of paper inside the cover, but helped pave the way for more exciting notebooks to write in.

Notebooks are perfect for aspiring authors or avid in-class note-takers, lists or memos.

Their use is universal and fitting for anyone looking for space to jot down important information.

They also feature interchangeable covers like the planners truly giving the customer the freedom of style!


Plum Paper spiral notebooks can also include the add-ons similar to those of the planner.

Tabs make for specific organization to keep subjects to their own locations within the notebook.

Those who want a more structured notebook will find these tabs extremely useful.


The ready-to-ship spiral notebooks are lined sheets of perfection with decorative covers.

With 14 different covers to choose from, customers will be hard-pressed to not find a style to suit their needs.

These covers, as with the covers for other products, are bold and brightly colored pieces sure to stun anyone.


Along with spiral notebooks, Plum Paper offers up a selection of journals as well.

Customers get a choice of small or large journals that are perfect for any personal note-taking or reflections they want to keep tucked away.

With up to 60 pages, there is plenty of space for everything near and dear to anyone’s heart!

The personalizing features of the journal are super chic as well. Customers can choose from monograms, inspiration quotes, etc to line their pages.


Stationary Accessories


As with any good outfit, a great accessory does wonders!

Even stationary has its accessories and at Plum Paper, the options are quirky, fun and stylish!

Stationary accessories give flares of color and unique markers to any piece of written word or planner.

Just when one would think they may not need an accessory, they most certainly do!


One of the most popular accessories for stationary are stickers and sticker books.

The sticker books can give a nice home for stickers or the stickers can be used on other products.

Stickers can come all shapes, sizes, colors or themes.

They truly add a bit of something special to anything they are stuck to!


Folios are increasingly popular as they provide storage for planners, notebooks, or journals.

The space in them can help tuck away pens and pencils as well.

Staying organized never came any easier!

They often come in pretty colors that can be matched to any planner, notebook, or journal.


Dashboards are quick reference pieces for lists or memos that are easily accessible for the user.

These can be tucked in planners etc or hung from fridges etc.

With decorative borders, they are dressed up and ready for being on display!


Clips or page keepers can be useful for temporary placement of important information. These are popular among people who do not want dividers in their products but instead want the freedom to clip or bookmark an area of interest in their items.


Another great stationary accessory offered by Plum Paper are desk calendars! These mini versions of wall calendars offer up a snippet of the month for quick glances. Even in their tiny form, they can be dashing in beauty and design with bold colors and patterns!


Other Stationery Products


While Plum Paper offers up some of the greatest innovative stationary options on the market, they also have traditional stationary products as well.

This includes note cards with matching envelopes. These can be personalized to reflect anything the customer desires.

From wedding invitations to party innovations to seasons greetings, the beauty of it is simply wonderful!

They even have desktop notepads with tear-away pages.

These are very handy for quick notes for the user or others!


Plum Paper FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How long is the processing time?


Processing times can vary due to the season in which the order is placed. If there is a high volume of orders, this will also cause a variance in the processing time. The current and most up to date processing time and ship dates can be found during check out and on any order page.


  • Is Plum Paper on social media forums?


The answer is yes! They can be found on Facebook and Instagram and highly appreciate their customers sharing any feedback of their products on these forums.


  • What is the interchangeable cover made of?


All the covers are made of durable synthetic material. They are manufactured to be tear-proof and waterproof. They are also made special coating to prevent any scratches or ink removal. To provide extra durability, they feature a 20 mil transparent plastic coating.


  • Can orders ship internationally?


To ensure secure orders, Plum Paper only offers shipping to countries that can provide tracking information for all their orders. Currently the number of countries they can ship to are 28! Some of these include the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, among many others!


  • What is the return policy?


Unfortunately, custom items are not able to be returned. If there any questions, customers can contact within 7 business days. However, orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of when the order was placed. After that window, the order cannot be cancelled.


How to Contact Plum Paper


There are a few options for contacting Plum Paper!

Currently, the company can be contacted through their Facebook or Instagram pages, through email at or through an email form on the website under their support tab.

Customers only need to fill out their name, email, reason for contact and their message and hit submit!

No matter the question, they are there for outstanding customer support!


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