StockX Discount Codes [May 2020] (Updated Daily)

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StockX discount codes

StockX Discount Codes


STOCKX17 – First-time shoppers can use this promo code at StockX.? You will receive a total discount of $20 off your order.? Grab this deal!

SPEED10 – The promo code is good for 10% off on all Omega Speedmaster watches.

8C880E82 – Another discount promo code for first-time shoppers.? Use this code to get 10% off sneakers.

E36924A8 – Use this StockX discount code to get up to $25 off.

9AA0591A – Another sneaker StockX discount code.? This code is good for existing customers.? Use this code to get an additional 10% any sneaker purchase.

780AE4E0 – Use this StockX discount code while bidding to receive an additional 40% off.

8C779E82 – Use this StockX code to save an instant #25 off your purchase.

SCHOOL15 – This code is good for one-time use only.? Save an instant $25 on your first shoe purchase

9AA0591A – Use this code and save an instant $5 on any purchase at StockX.

VDAY110 – This code is good for employees to receive a site-wide 10% discount.

25OFF5R3VR – Use this promo code for 25% discount on your purchase.

2DC87D62 – This code is good for 18% off a sneaker purchase.

780AE4E0 – For US customers only.? Use this discount code to save an additional $20 on your purchase.

8C779E82 – Use this promo code to get $15 off your purchase every time you shop!

Save $100 Off Watches -?This offer is good for first-time users on StockX.? Register for a StockX account.? Then purchase a watch for at least $1000 to get your $100 off.



What is About?

StockX is an online stock-exchange market/market place for authentic streetwear, sneakers, watches, and bags. Simple!

It is the Wall Street for certified original Street wears, Sneakers, watches, and bags.

The idea of StockX is that of a marketplace where buyers meet sellers of their desired goods to trade limited edition, high demand products.

Examples of limited edition watch brand on StockX include Rolex, Casio G-Shock, Cartier Roadster, Tudor Pelago, and other high-end wristwatches.

StockX also stock limited edition sneakers like Retro Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, Balenciaga Triple s, Nike SB Dunk High and others.

StockX is the Mecca of authentic and original Streetwear brands like Supreme, Palace, Essentials, Bape, PsychWorld and other standout streetwear labels.

And for bag lovers, Louis Vutton, Goyard Saint Supplice, Gucci, Hermes, Chloe and a host of other verified original high-end designer bags are up for sale on the site.

All the limited edition, authentic designer Sneakers, Bags, Watches and Streetwear on StockX have been verified to be original and free from scratches or sign of use.

StockX is a transparent market place where everyone has access to live pricing data and market analysis, unlike other auction sites.

This makes the pricing competitive because every seller and buyer guided by the real-time market value of the product they are interested in.

The live pricing data and market analysis are not only available for all on the platform, but it is also constantly updated by StockX’s team of valuers.


How Does StockX work for buyers?

Instead of browsing through tens of auction sites and wasting valuable time just to buy an original, verified authentic Streetwear, Watches, Bag or Sneakers, StockX saves you time and energy.

You can do all your shopping on a single page on StockX.

So, what do you need to do to be a buyer on StockX?

Visit and sign up.

Signing up is easy.

There are options for custom sign-up with Twitter or Facebook, alternatively with your email address.

Connect your PayPal account for checking out.

Once you have signed up, visit the homepage and select your choice from Streetwear, Bag, Watches or sneaker.

That takes you to the product listing page.

If you prefer a pair of sneakers, for instance.

Type in the brand name, on the sneaker page and it will bring you your choice.

Click on the preferred product, the page takes you to that listing’s page.

Here you can see the ‘ask price’ (the price the seller intends to sell the product, this might come down depending on your bid).

Below the ‘ask price’ is the current highest bid for the product.

For the purpose of transparency, you can see the last sale price for a similar item sold on StockX too.

The condition of the product, StockX’s verification of the product-100% authentic- and the product’s full description are listed below the price.

Make a bid or match the ‘ask price’, either way, once the ‘bid price’ meets the ‘ask price’.

The buyer has the option of paying with PayPal or credit card.

Once payment is confirmed, the seller ships the product to StockX for the product’s authentication.

Once the product is confirmed genuine and 100% authentic, StockX pays the seller and the products are shipped to you.

It is that simple.


How Does StockX work for sellers?

Sign up on StockX with your Twitter or Facebook account, or with your email address.

Go to the homepage.

Click on the sell button in the top right corner.

Locate the search bar, type the name of the item you would like to sell on StockX.

A list of similar products is generated.

You do not need to take a photograph of your product, that has been made easy for you.

Select your item name (Pick the item size if you were offering a sneaker or Streetwear for sale.

This is not necessary for watches and bags).

On the product listing page, enter the ‘ask price’.

If you like, add a sell now price in which case your item would be sold once there is a match.

Once the pricing is done, the page will calculate and display your payout after the sale, minus transaction fee (9.5%) and payment processing fee (3%).

Once a buyer’s bid matches the asking price, the product will be sold automatically.

So, what do you do next?

Ship the product with the invoice provided by StockX with StockX’s prepaid shipping label to a StockX authentication center near you.

At StockX’s center, your product’s authenticity is verified.

Once the product is graded 100% authentic, the product is shipped to the buyer.

StockX pays you for the product.


What can you buy at StockX?

StockX offers limited edition sneakers, watches, streetwear and bags for willing buyers and sellers.

So, what brand are we talking about?

Read the specification for each item on StockX below:


StockX sells unworn pairs of sneakers from various brands like Adidas, Yeezy, Nike Air Max, and Jordan.

The sneakers have never been used before.

They come in their original package and can be offered for sale in any retail shop.

These sneakers are confirmed original by StockX team of highly-skilled authenticators.

They might include laces except otherwise stated.


StockX streetwear includes T-shirts, hoodies, collectibles, and bags.

StockX stocks brands like Supreme, KITH, Bape, Palace, Fear of God, Adidas Apparel, Nike Apparel, and other brands.

All streetwear is required to be in excellent condition.

They must unworn, unsoiled, not discolored or with manufacturing defects.

All Streetwear must come in the original package with the tag intact.

It is highly recommended having all the accessories on it intact for the product to be acceptable.


StockX is very specific with the brand of bag, wallet and card cases available for sale on the site.

The brands are currently limited to the following; Valentine, Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Dior, Commes de Garcon, Stella McCartney, Prada, Off-White, Celine, Goyard, Channel, Louis Vutton, Gucci, Hermes, MCM, Chloe and Saint Laurent.

The bags must be 100% original and in excellent condition.

It must have all the serial codes clearly written, blind stamp/authenticity stamp and the date codes on it as the case may be.

The bag must not be missing any accessory otherwise, it can’t be sold on StockX.


StockX watch stock includes brands like Rolex, Omega, Casio, Apple Watch, Swatch, and many other brands.

The watch must be in good condition.

It does not have to be mint new, but it must not have scratches on the bracelet.

Normal wear and tear sign is okay, but nothing more than that.

The watch must have all the manufacturer’s part; must include original strap and buckle.

The watch does not need to come in the original box, but it is better if it can come in one.

How do you contact Customer Support?

Contacting StockX is easy.

Use the chat box in the bottom left of the page to reach the customer care center real-time.

Alternatively, send an email to

Include the email address associated with your StockX account, StockX username, product Order number when sending emails.

Emails are responded to within the hour, at latest within 24 hours.

Please don’t send the same email severally.

StockX customer service hours are between 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, every day of the week.

For additional support, check the FAQ page.


How do I purchase a product that is not listed on StockX?

Would you like to buy an unlisted product?

Submit the product to StockX via this link

The StockX team will look into the product and see how it can be sourced for you.

StockX takes the request of every customer seriously and your request will be taken care of ASAP.


What is a Bid?

When you desire a product, for example, a Balenciaga bag, a Supreme Streetwear, an Adidas Sneaker or a Rolex watch.

You make a financial offer on the site for the desired product.

Your offer to buy the product is called a bid.

It is what you do to signify your interest in a product.

It is your monetary offer to the seller.

That offer is what StockX call a bid.

It is possible to have other interested buyers place more money on that item that you.

That is called being outbid, but you can still bid again provided that the other buyer’s bid is still lower than the ‘ask price’.

So, technically, your bid is still active, you just need to make another offer to outbid competitions.

Once your bid meets with the asking price, you automatically win the bid.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data security issue?

At StockX, we take the issue of customers’ privacy seriously.

Recently, they implemented an infrastructure upgrade to reduce incidences of a data breach on the site.

They have also arranged 12-month free fraud detection and identity theft protection to willing customers.

This can be accessed through our ID Experts to provide the customer MyIDcare.

MyIDcare service includes Cyberscan monitoring, ID theft recovery, $1 million insurance reimbursement policy and 12 months of free credit monitoring.

They will continue to update this information as soon as we have further information.

How does StockX authenticate Bags?

StockX makes sure that all bags come to the Headquarters for a thorough examination by the StockX team of experts to certify the bag’s authenticity.

Each bag is thoroughly examined for the slightest sign of defect.

These checks include the bag’s serial number, date codes and blind stamp.

StockX also checks the material make up of the bag to be certain it is keeping with up the quality associated with authentic bags.

StockX does not accept replica or counterfeit bag.

A seller that listed a fake bag shall be penalized 15% of the quoted price.

Such seller shall also be required to pay for the bag to be shipped back.

StockX will reject a bag for any of the following reasons;

The bag has a broken feature.

It does not meet the StockX’s guidelines and conditions.

The bag is lacking original accessories.

The bag’s serial code/date code/blind stamp or model number is illegible or missing.

StockX shall reject a bag also if they cannot confirm the originality.

How does StockX authenticate Watch?

StockX team of master watchmakers examine each timepiece meticulously and thoroughly.

They inspect it for full internal movement.

It will be assessed for external conditions i.e. the bracelet, the buckle, and the dial.

All the features must be in good shape.

It will be tested against the manufacturer’s standards and functionality.

The watch will also undergo a water-resistance test.

If all the conditions are satisfied, the watch is certified authentic.

It will be cleaned and polished in readiness for the transaction.

What is the verification process for sneakers?

There are strict guidelines followed by the team of experts to check a sneaker for authenticity and suitability.

Once the seller sends the sneaker to StockX, the verification team takes over.

Every sneaker is checked like this to spot fakes and counterfeit.

A sneaker is examined to see if it is discolored or missing out an important accessory.

This is done to ensure that the customers get the quality they are paying for.

If the sneaker is a counterfeit, the seller is asked to remove the listing from StockX.

What is the verification process for StreetWear?

The streetwear is checked to see if it has been worn, if it is worn, it shall be returned to the seller.

It must not be discolored, frayed or have any other defect.

It is important to have the tag carrying the Streetwear size and other specifications.

How much does shipping cost the buyer?

Shipping cost will appear directly under the bid / buy now price.

The cost covers shipping from the office to your door.

If the value of the package was over $750, it will require a signature. if not, it will be delivered without a signature.

It is easy and effective.

Shipping within the US: $13.95 (UPS Ground. UPS My choice member can select options available to them for the shipping)

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico: $25.00 Shipping

Canada: $30.00 shipping

Europe: ?15.00

UK: ?13.50

Rest of the World: $40.00

Please note that shipping rates are based on the average size and weight of a shoebox.

Heavier or larger items will incur an additional shipping cost.

These costs will be included in the price breakdown at the time you place your bid or make your purchase.

Do you offer a discount or promo code?

They provide a new account discount code for $300 off a watch purchase of $3,000 or more for a new account.

They also give off $50 off a handbag purchase of $500 or more.

The code expires 14 days after the activation of your account.

StockX cannot extend this deadline, unfortunately.

They do not have a buyer code for sneakers, but will have more promo codes in the future. Note that promo codes and discounts are also subject to change.

Why am I being charged a sales tax on StockX?

Due to a recent Supreme Court Decision, e-commerce businesses such as StockX are now required to collect sales tax in select states in the United States.

Please keep in mind that the sales tax amount varies per customer based on the local tax laws.

How does Shipping and VAT work for European buyers?

For buyers from Europe, they have created a more transparent pricing policy for all items listed in the market place.

This means that all of the cost presented on StockX when purchasing an item will be all-inclusive.

No hidden cost. No additional taxes, duties or VAT will be collected upon delivery of your item, as it was in the past.

Please note that this shipping and VAT update applies to buyers from the following 32 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

What is an ask?

Ask is the opposite of Bid.

When a seller lists an item, they usually specify the amount of money they are willing to sell the product for.

It is basically telling you, the buyer that, if you can pay this amount, then this product is yours.

What if another seller puts a lower ‘ask price’ for the same item as yours? What will happen? You do not need to worry, if a bid matches their low ask, they will get the sale, but your ask is still active and it will be accepted once a buyer matches that price. ?

The good thing about StockX is that there are a lot more buyers on the platform for everything, so do not stress.

You will have your ask matched too.

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