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summoners war promo code

Summoners War Promo Codes

(CHEER20SWC19UP) Those that are spending in Summoners War will benefit from this promo code.? The players will be rewarded with extra privileges that one would not receive if they were an average player.? ? This code is only valid for the first 99,000 players.

(COM2USMAANSE) Use the promo code to get twenty L&D Scroll Pieces, 200 energy, 3 Mystical Scrolls, and 100 Crystals.

(GOGOSWC2019) Use this promo code to get free gaming items to use during the war.? This code is valid for new players as well as existing players.? However, it is valid only 1 time on any usable account.


Summoners War Promo Codes 2019

ZOCARDSUMMONERS – Use this promo code to get three mystic gold.

SWMMOCULTURE – Get 150 Crystal, 2 Mystical, and 150 energy when you use this promo code.? This promo code can be applied to various fields in the game.

10OFF– Get Fifty energy points when you apply this promo code.? Energy points are very beneficial in regaining your energy during battle.

BYESEASON9 – Receive FREE elemental scroll packs with this promo code

2019SWCJPAE5 – Get one hundred free energy when you apply this promo code

HOTSWC2018SEA-? Use this promo code to receive an extra one gold coin.


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2019SWCJPBS1-? Only available for IOS users.? Used to gain extra rewards

SWC2019KR4A8E– Used for a coupon exchange

SWC2019KR2G8Z– another useful promo code for summoners war

HOTSWC2019SEA– Gain new perks with this summoners war promo code

About Summoners War


Features of Summoners War:

– awesome 3D graphics;

– a large number of opponents, 400 species;

– An advanced pumping system for their warriors, from 1 star to 6;

– A large number of locations and the development of their city;

– Auto mode for ease of battle.


Mechanics of the game

The mechanics of the game are both complex and simple. Simple – because the battles take place step by step, as in the good old Heroes of Might and Magic.

Complex – since there are a lot of units, each has individual abilities and forms of degeneration that become available when the unit reaches the maximum level.

To this, there is \ a system of runes that strengthen your army, the possibility of “sharpening” (strengthening) these runes. And we?ll spice it up with the construction and development of our own city with many buildings.

Also, the PvP battles, live chat, full 3D, excellent graphics and then we will get an excellent online role-playing game Summoners War: Sky Arena!

The first look on the game

Let’s start with your city. Visually – this is an island soaring in the clouds.

The heart of the city is the Summoner Tower.

Here, defenders are distributed in case of an attack by other players and resources are stored.

The second most important building is the mana pond. Mana, by the way, is the main resource of the game.

Its production takes place both through the pond and through battles.

Naturally, through battles, the filling speed is much higher.

The following buildings are call and gain portals. During the game, you will come across scrolls of summoning.

Their activation will summon a creature with a random level of stars (a local indicator of uniqueness).

The most common scroll summon a monster with stars from 1 to 3, a mystical scroll from 3 to 5.

But all summoned units will be the first level.

The Characters

Do we remember that this is a pretty serious and well-developed game?

That is why creatures here are not limited to just attack/defence.

There is speed (determines how often the unit attacks during the battle), the chance of a critical hit, and so on.

Units immediately have distributed roles, such as support, tank, and others.

By the way, the game has more than 400 unique monsters.

Locations of the game

Summoners War contains dozens of locations. Plus multi-level dungeons.

In the aboveground locations, the main plot of the game develops and most of the experience is earned.

Basically, your army is pumped there.

But we go to the dungeons for the resources that are needed to transform your monsters into the following forms. Bosses in dungeons are much stronger than their “aboveground” counterparts.

PvP mode

What about PvP and the online component of the game?

Firstly, without an Internet connection, the game will not start (by the way, when you first start the game downloads about 300 MB, be careful with mobile traffic).

The game has a full chat with various channels.

There are guilds, an arena where battles with other players bring glory points.

That affects the rating and can be spent on all kinds of improvements.

As already mentioned, this is a full-fledged role-playing online game.

What Does A Battle Look Like?

Battles in the game Summoners War take place in step-by-step mode.

It doesn?t matter if you go through a dungeon or is it a PvP battle in the arena, the point is the same both here and there.

In each battle, from 1 to 5 monsters can participate, both on the one hand and on the other.

Which team will perform in the battle is determined by you.

You can constantly change the squad of the fighters.

Above each creature, its current level and two stripes are displayed – green and blue.

Green is a life span of a creature, hit points. The blue one is the “speed” of the character, Whoever has more speed is the first to go.

The speed of each monster is determined initially, but it can be increased with the help of runes.

Now a few words about attributes. All monsters in the game have their own attribute and only one.

Attributes in Summoners War work roughly like a rock-paper-scissors game.

Water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats water.

And light and darkness beat each other with equal force. Remembering the sequence is not necessary since in every battle there is a clue in the form of colourful arrows.

In battle, it looks like this: an archer of level 25 with the attribute of water will deliver a strong blow to the fire elemental. As you can see, everything is simple.

Each unit can have from 1 to 3 abilities, the so-called “Skills”.

They, in turn, can be simply shocking, massive (damage is done throughout the enemy?s army).

They can be buffs (imposing positive effects on allies), debuffs (imposing negative effects on the enemy) and passive (the effect of the skill is constant).

Just like in all classic MMORPGs. Since units do not have mana, it is fair to say that skills do not require mana. Simply, each ability has a rollback time of several moves.

It turns out that a unit can make a regular strike every turn, but for example, ?treatment? or ?reduction of defence? can be used once every three turns.

In order to win the battle, you need to kill all the enemy units.

Rewards for the battle

The reward for a duel is an experience for all your monsters.

Regardless of whether he remained alive at the end of the duel or not, the amount of experience for all creatures will be the same. You will also get:

– mana (the main monetary resource in the game) and you may randomly get a certain amount of energy (consumed during the battle),

– the rune (used to strengthen the creature),

– a scroll of summon (needed to summon monsters)

– a summoned monster,

– in some cases crystals (local donate currency).

If you participate in a duel against another player and do not clear the location, then in addition to experience and mana, you can get rating points and PVP currency.

If you defeat monsters in the dungeons of ?Cairos?, then the reward will be the resource needed to awaken the monsters.

In the event of a complete defeat when all your monsters are dead, you still get mana and experience, but much less than when you win.

How To Get A Monster?

Where do the monsters come from?

At the start, your assistant gives you the task to build a summoning portal. Actually here, with the help of various scrolls, monsters are summoned.

Scrolls are as follows:

Unknown Scroll (1-3 Star) – an unknown scroll, falls most often.

The summoned creature will have a star of a random colour (purple is the least likely to occur because it is the most valuable) and a random grade, within 1-3 stars.

Mystical Scroll (3-5 Start) – Mystical scroll, rarely drops out. The star will be random in colour (again, purple less often), random grade within 3-5 stars.

Mystical Summon is the same as Mystical Scroll, but for 75 crystals (donate currency).

Social Summon – similar to Unknown Scroll, but summoned for 100 hearts. Hearts can be obtained from friends, 10 per day from a friend. But you do not forget to give your friends hearts, while they will not be taken from you.

Summon Monster – summon a monster from pieces, this is possible after level 20 of Summoner (not a creature, but your level that is displayed in the upper left corner).

Purchases in the game

As for the donate, we can say the following: it does not interfere with playing here.

Built-in purchases at the level – if you want to be the most powerful among the rest – please pay and be.

But if there is no need to be in the first lines of the rating, then no one will demand money.

Everyone plays for fun.

There is a built-in advertisement, but it is shown only at the first start of the game and then does not bother.


The developers promise to constantly develop the gaming world of Summoners War.

But now the game is really addictive.

There is no need to overpower yourself in anticipation of the game action, it appears from the first minutes and even scares a little.

Thoughts in my head begin to get confused because at first there really is a lot of information. ?So here we have a monster with two silver stars.

And with one, but golden is cooler? And where to put the rune? What to build? And what will happen if you increase the complexity of the location? And what is there, fire strikes water or what? ?

But the training system is built correctly and if you lose in battles, your assistant will tell you how to fix the situation. For example, strengthen the runes or ?feed? weak monsters to strong ones, so that the main team becomes stronger.

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