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walmart coupon policy

For many Americans, shopping for common goods such as household items, groceries and clothing can be daunting. These items are an expensive necessity that seems to go on an endless cycle with never an end in sight. While most major retailers offer an array of sales and discounts, the use of paper coupons is still a popular resource for bargain shoppers.

Walmart has taken heed to the needs and wants of their customers by implementing an attractive coupon policy that not only pulls in customers but keeps them coming back. In order for the policy to work, there has to be some terms and conditions in place in order to protect the integrity of the store and the customers that they serve.

Walmart?s coupon policy is relatively simple and was built with the customer in mind.

There are several types of coupons that Walmart will accept. There are some custom rules that customers need to take into consideration before rushing out to the nearest store if you want a genuinely pleasant experience.

Let?s look at the different coupon conditions put a place for each of them.

Printable Manufacturer Coupons

Printable manufacturer coupons are a common type of coupon that can be found on the internet on various dedicated coupon websites and social media sites.

These coupons are usually printed using your home printer.

These coupons are accepted at Walmart as long as the print is not blurry and all of the pertinent information is found.

The coupon must be scannable at the checkout register. The coupon must be used before the printed expiration date and the words Manufacturer Coupon must be shown on the top.

These coupons work the same way as the manufacturer coupons that you may find in newspaper inserts or magazines.

Usually, the coupons found in inserts are two-sided. With printable coupons, all of the pertinent information is condensed in very small print but all of the information must still be there.

This includes a remit address. Without the remit address, Walmart will not be able to collect the money the coupon is giving.

Walmart accepts BOGO (buy one, get one) coupons as long as both items are visible at the checkout. They do not give a 50% on one item. A second coupon cannot be used in combination with this coupon either.

Competitors Coupons Accepted

A nice benefit of shopping at Walmart is that they accept competitor?s manufacturer coupons.

If you have a coupon from Walgreen?s that offers Head & Shoulders shampoo for $2.99, Walmart will honor that coupon by adjusting the price at the register. The same rules apply.

The coupon must be scannable and have a valid expiration date.

If the value of the coupon is more than the price of the item at Walmart, the difference will be applied to the rest of the order at checkout. They do not accept competitor?s retail coupons.

While Walmart has a generous coupon policy that can be really beneficial when trying to save as much money as possible, there are some reservations that Walmart has put in place.

First and probably most obvious to most of us is that the coupon must be used in conjunction with an item that Walmart sells. The coupon can not be used on a replacement or another brand. If Walmart does not have it, the coupon can not be used.

There is no limit on how many coupons a customer can use but you can only use one coupon per item.

A common issue that you may encounter with coupons that offer large dollar amounts of $20 or more may require the cashier to summon management over to do an override. This could occur with customers a lot of coupons at once as well.

Right of Refusal

It is important to keep in mind that Walmart reserves the right to refuse to accept a return of an item where a coupon was used at the time of the original sale.

Walmart wants to make clear that they have the right to refuse any coupon. If they feel that the coupon is not being used correctly, they will deny it.

They do not accept double or triple coupons.

They will not accept gift certificates or vouchers. They will involve law enforcement if shoppers attempt to knowingly use counterfeit coupons.

Walmart is an incredible store to find a lot of really good deals that most competitors can?t beat.

The use of manufacturer coupons makes shopping at Walmart that much more appealing.

Their employment of manufacturer coupons from their competitors is an added benefit that makes taking the extra time to clip and sort coupons worthy.

Shoppers that are die-hard coupon shoppers save hundreds of dollars with their efforts with coupons.

With the competitive prices at Walmart, the coupons hold a lot more value. It really makes that daunting task of grocery shopping a lot more pleasant for the most frugal of shoppers.

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