Can you use Sam’s receipts with Walmart Savings Catcher?

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can you use sams receipts with walmart savings catcher

Can you use Sam’s receipts with Walmart Savings Catcher?


Sam’s Club is a popular shopping option for those who want to buy a large volume of bulk food. And while many Walmart shoppers are interested in using Savings Catcher at this store they will, sadly, be unhappy to hear that they cannot. However, Sam’s Club does offer a savings option that shrewd shoppers can utilize to save themselves money anyways.


Walmart Pay Does Not Work at Sam’s Club Stores


One unfortunate element about Walmart Pay is that it cannot be used at Sam’s Club stores. Though this option could be available in the future, for now, Walmart limits this payment option to their regular stores. This fact creates an obvious dilemma for individuals who want to use the Walmart Savings Catcher app at Sam’s Club. Simply put, without Walmart Pay, you cannot use this app.


So, unfortunately, shoppers cannot use Walmart Savings Catcher at Sam’s Club. Thinking about this decision from Walmart’s perspective and this choice does make a lot of sense, though. Sam’s Club is already a discount store that provides bulk goods at lower prices. Using Walmart Pay and Savings Catcher here could potentially cost this supermarket giant a lot of money.


And when thinking about the nature of Savings Catcher, the exclusion of Sam’s Club stores makes even more sense. Sam’s Club isn’t like a typical Walmart competitor, such as Target. Instead, Sam’s is a bulk grocery provider who offers goods at wholesale prices. Trying to match sales with other stores nearby wouldn’t make sense as Sam’s is likely to provide items that aren’t available in many stores and at a bulk option that you can’t get elsewhere. Logically, excluding Sam’s Club from Walmart Savings Catcher does make sense.


Those who want to get into extreme couponing, though, will be very disappointed to learn that they can’t use Walmart Savings Catcher at Sam’s Club. Stacking coupons with the already discounted goods would be a substantial money-saving deal. However, Walmart and Sam’s Club have set up a program that will still save you money when you shop at Sam’s Club: Instant Savings.


Understanding this shopping option will help you to decide whether you want to focus on Walmart Savings Catcher or Instant Savings at Sam’s Club on a shopping trip. Beyond that, it will also help you decide whether you want to shop at Sam’s Club or competitors such as Costco instead.


Limitations and Terms of Use of Instant Savings


Those interested in Sam’s Club Instant Savings program need to understand a few of the terms of use and limitations that may apply. These dictate how you can save money at this store and need to be properly understood before you start:


  • Instant Savings are not the same as paper coupons and cannot be used in this way


  • No savings are guaranteed when using this program ? you get deals only if you utilize them


  • No extra charge is necessary to join this program


  • Deals are generated for buyers based on a variety of variables


  • Multiple savings are continually loaded to your account, not just from the Instant Savings Book


  • Mobile apps are available to track all of your Instant Savings information


  • Members don’t need to track their savings online to get access to them at the point of sale


  • All Instant Savings deals are dated and do expire eventually ? typically around 30 days, though there may be exceptions


  • Instant Savings deals apply for a whole household, which means they can be utilized by primary and complimentary cardholders

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