What are the Best Apps for Grocery Coupons?

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What are the Best Apps for Grocery Coupons?

What are the Best Apps for Grocery Coupons?


These days, just about everything can be done from a phone. Therefore, people interested in couponing may want to download one of the many coupon apps available on the market today. The following choices are the best available anywhere. They provide a maximum amount of savings possibilities to the user and others who use the app.




The original online coupon provider utilizes an app that is still one of the best on the market today. This option allows users to get coupons that may be printed from an e-mail or off of a mobile device. Users can also download these coupons directly to their store loyalty card. The best thing about this particular app is its wide range of available stores.


Simply put, it is one of the oldest apps on the market, which is a benefit for couponing apps. Typically, older apps have reached out to more stores and streamlined their delivery of coupons as much as possible. Though Coupons.com may lack deals from certain specialized stores, those who want coupons from larger chains will likely appreciate this app.


Grocery IQ


Individuals who use Coupons.com may appreciate this sister application. This coupon app works by allowing users to create a list of items that they plan on shopping for that week. The app will then match the items up with sales in stores across the shopper’s area. Multiple coupons will be arranged depending on their savings amount.


Typically, Grocery IQ is an excellent choice for those who usually buy the same types of items every week and who rarely alter their list. However, this app can also be useful for those who don’t mind moving from store-to-store to get the best deals. You might have to work a little harder with this app, but you will save money if you’re willing to travel between stores.




Yowza flips the typical structure of coupon apps on its head by allowing retailers to upload coupons and offers directly to the saving system. This approach is beneficial because the stores who use the app can send these notifications to users in the area interested in specific types of savings.


As a result, people looking for deals can search a shopping area and get an idea of the types of savings that they can get at individual stores. In this way, you can go from shop to shop and use multiple coupons in a way that will save money. This method does have limitations, though, as fewer offers may be available on this app than are found on others.




Users interested in SnipSnap should consider it as something like a virtual coupon organizer for their digital coupons. This app has a search engine that allows users to check different stores and retail providers near them for coupons. Then, the coupon can be downloaded directly to the app.


Even better, you can sort the coupons by expiration date, which can help to fuel your money-saving trip to the supermarket or grocery store. Stores that use this app typically scan the phone directly to get access to these coupons. As a result, you don’t need to print anything to get easy access to deals. Best of all? It’s free to download and use.




Loyalty groups are often available from many types of stores, including clothing shops, retail outlets, and much more. Tracking these cards can be confusing, though, so people with multiple loyalty cards may appreciate the design of this app. Cellfire operates by allowing an individual to add their loyalty card to their app to track their savings.


Even better, users can scan their phone at the cash register if they lose their loyalty card. And opening up each loyalty card in the app gives users access to individual coupons that they can use to save money when scanning their card. This design helps shoppers save money by fine-tuning their shopping experience.


Saving Star


Saving Star is another loyalty card organizer that lets users track a large number of deals quickly and easily. Start by registering all of your loyalty cards with the app by inputting the card number and the store to which they are affiliated. After the cards are synced up to an individual’s account, they can track their loyalty points and savings from each card directly on the app.


And they can then choose specific coupons available for those registered with a loyalty program. At the cash register, the user then scans your phone and Saving Star account to get the savings you’ve earned. Interestingly, you can also create a cash account with Saving Star to purchase items online and from other vendors. This option makes Saving Star an excellent choice for big deals and consistent rewards.

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