What Is The Best Store To Coupon At? The Best Choices

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what is the best store to coupon atWhat is the best store to coupon at?


Although most retailers offer high-quality coupons at reasonable prices, not every store is equal when it comes to coupon acceptance. The following list details the coupon acceptance policies of a broad array of national chains.


These stores are listed, roughly, based on which retailer provides the best deals. Some companies on this list will allow for extensive stacking while others limit the number of stacking available. However, all offer at least one instance of stacking.


Rite Aid


Rite Aid is a pharmaceutical-style shopping center that also includes food and other types of items. Their coupon policy states that more than one coupon can be used when purchasing a single item. Their limitation states that the coupon must match the item being purchased.


This loose definition implies that you can stack as many like coupons as you want on a product. The one other limitation is that the total of the coupons is equal to or less than the selling price of the item before applying sales tax. This policy easily puts Rite Aid at the top of our list.




CVS is a popular pharmaceutical shopping center that sells a broad array of different goods. Reading through their coupon acceptance policy is a little confusing as the company states that they allow multiple coupons on an item as long as that item meets certain qualifications, but don’t define those qualifications. However, those who have shopped at the retailer have discussed how this policy works.


Typically, CVS allows one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item in a purchase. Even better, CVS allows the use of Extra Care Bucks ? a CVS loyalty program ? with these coupons. And some have also reported that CVS allows the use of multiple like coupons for multiple qualifying items. This fact means that they enable stacked coupons within the limitation of a specific deal.




Target is one of the largest retailers in the world and provides some of the best couponing deals. Their website states that shoppers can combine a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and a Cartwheel coupon all to one item. Cartwheel is a Target-based coupon site that provides unique savings that are different from both manufacturer coupons and individual store deals.


As a result, an individual can use three different coupons on items, if they are available. Although Target does limit the number of stacking to just one manufacturer, store, or Cartwheel coupon, this type of combination is rare and makes Target one of the best options for couponers.


Dollar General


Dollar General is a popular discount store that does allow buyers to stack manufacturer and store coupons on a single item. They do not limit how many items that you can use with coupons, so you can use manufacturer and store coupons on multiple individual items in your purchase to save money on just about everything that you buy from a Dollar General.


That said, Dollar General typically doesn’t allow the stacking of manufacturer coupons on a single item. However, they do occasionally allow store stacking. Usually, store-based coupon stacking occurs during specialized promotions. Make sure to pay attention to when these deals are offered to increase your potential savings. Typically, they happen sporadically throughout the year and are advertised by the company before they occur.




Publix is a unique shopping option that provides many foods and retail items at reasonable prices. Their coupon policy is one of the most reasonable among major retailers. They allow stacking of coupons following this basic process: a manufacturer’s coupon can be combined with a Publix coupon or a competitor’s coupon. However, all three cannot be stacked at the same time.


The acceptance of competitor coupons is what makes Publix unique on this list. Not many companies will accept a competitor’s deal because they get no compensation from the manufacturer. However, stores that accept competitor coupons typically want to pull business from other companies and will gladly take a little loss to attract more customers who will likely buy other products.


Whole Foods


Whole Foods is one of the most respected grocery stores in the nation because of the ways this corporation treats its customers and employees. Their coupon policy is a good example of how well they treat others. Simply put, they accept a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single item. However, they will not give cash back on these items in any situation.


Just as importantly, they never allow double- or triple-coupon acceptance. This policy does put them a little lower on our list, unfortunately, but the fact that they accept store and manufacturer coupons on a single item does earn them a spot. Make sure to seek out the best deals to save as much money as possible and ? potentially ? spend nothing on an item.


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