What is the Walmart Savings Catcher Program? Complete Guide

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what is the walmart savings catcher program

What is the Walmart Savings Catcher Program?


The many money-saving programs available from Walmart ensure that you can save a surprising amount of cash on your purchases. For example, the Savings Catcher program provides individuals like you with the chance to save a surprising amount of money. Understanding this program helps you know whether or not it is right or your needs or not.


How Savings Catcher Works


Savings Catcher is a program that allows Walmart shoppers to save a little bit of money when using Walmart Pay. Essentially, this app replaces Walmart’s former price matching policy by providing smart shoppers with a way to make back any money that they lost by shopping with Walmart. Beyond that, Savings Catcher is an intelligent way of endearing loyalty in Walmart shoppers.


Essentially, this app works by automatically scanning a Walmart Pay receipt and looking through the items that you purchased. These items are automatically compared to deals in stores near you. For example, Savings Catcher may look through deals at stores like Target or nearby grocery shops and will compare the advertised prices of the items with what you paid at Walmart.


If the app finds that you paid more for an item at Walmart than you would have at these stores, it will automatically add the difference to an eGift card for you. These savings can build up over time and may be implemented at any time when you use Walmart Pay. In this way, you can build up a large enough savings to offset much of your purchase price when visiting a Walmart.


How to Accept Savings Catcher Account


People who want to utilize this program must have a Walmart.com account and must also enroll in Walmart Pay. Regular purchases at Walmart are not eligible for this service, so make sure that you download the app and create your profile right away. This profile gives you access to Savings Catcher, Walmart Pay, and various coupons that you can print off to use in Walmart.


Once you’re using the app, you can start using it regularly. Thankfully, Walmart has made this application very easy to understand and streamlined its operation as much as possible. For example, you can track your Walmart Pay receipts and apply them to your Savings Catcher account by:


  • Signing into your Walmart.com account


  • Going to your Savings Catcher homepage


  • Looking through any receipts that qualify ? these are tracked automatically after purchase


  • Clicking the ?Submit? button next to any of these receipts


  • Waiting until the app is done estimating your savings


  • Seeing how much you’ve saved and moving on to the next receipt


  • Repeating until all receipts have been accepted in this way



As you continue to use this app, your savings will grow from a few dimes to several dollars and even more. The effect is a cumulative one and requires that you continually shop at Walmart and regularly input your receipts into the system to receive the goods and savings that you want.


And as your savings gradually grow into a surprising nest egg, you need to know how to implement these savings to your purchases. Thankfully, Walmart Pay makes this a straightforward process and one that requires only the following steps:


  • Scan all the items you plan on buying and wait for the cashier to tell you the total


  • Go to your Walmart Pay app and click on ?Pay for Purchase?


  • Select the Savings Catcher eGift card option to automatically apply your savings to your money owed for the purchase


  • Input your payment information and confirm to pay for your goods


  • Take your items home and put them away before looking into your Savings Catcher app


  • Check into your Savings Catcher app to look for your new receipt


  • Submit this receipt to Savings Catcher to start the process again


Savings Catcher is, in many ways, a simple form of loyalty reward program. People who regularly shop at Walmart are rewarded by getting small, but real, savings if they continue to use the app. In this way, they can not only streamline their shopping experience by improving payment speed but also keep even more money in their pockets.


Important Terms of Use


Before using Walmart’s Savings Catcher, it is important to understand a few of its terms of use. These include:


  • Users must be U.S. citizens over the age of 18


  • All users must create a Walmart.com account and download the app


  • Enrollment in the Walmart Pay and Savings Catcher app


  • No more than seven receipts may be submitted in a seven-day period


  • All receipts must be submitted within seven days of their purchase date


  • Only Walmart Pay transactions qualify


  • Digital advertisements, not print ones, are used to verify purchase prices

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