Which Stores Double Coupons? Complete List 2019

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which stores double coupons

Which Stores Double Coupons?


Individuals looking to save a lot of money by collecting coupons need to understand the practice of doubling. Doubling a coupon heavily increases its value and can save a lot of money at the cash register. Thankfully, many stores across the nation allow coupon doubling.


What is Coupon Doubling?


Coupon doubling occurs when a store matches the savings of a coupon brought into a store to double its value. For example, you may bring a coupon for $0.50 off of Jello into a store and double the value of the coupon at the cash register.

The store will then match the $0.50 price to produce a savings of $1.00. Some stores will even triple coupons, though this action is typically limited to certain types of big discount or clearance sales.


Typically, coupon doubling occurs when a store is trying to sell a large volume of items as quickly as possible.

The coupon is designed in such a way that the store owner will still make money off the purchase because most people who are doubling coupons ultimately end up buying more items.

However, some expert coupon users ? such as those on shows focused on heavy coupon use ? can clip and double coupons to pay practically nothing at the register.


How Does Coupon Doubling Happen?


If you notice that a coupon can be doubled at a store, the savings will go into effect the moment the coupon is scanned.

However, some stores only allow coupon doubling for members who join a loyalty program. These groups are designed to provide maximum savings to customers and may be joined by those willing to pay a small fee.


Typically, coupons have a small explanatory text printed on their surface that explains how they can be used at the register.

Those coupons that say ?This coupon cannot be doubled? are limited to just one use. Other coupons will indicate the possibility of doubling and state whether or not a shopper needs to join the loyalty group to get savings from doubling.


What Limitations Apply When Doubling Coupons?


Though some stores have unlimited doubling options, most put limitations in place to avoid losing money.

For example, some stores may only double a certain number of coupons for the same product. Others limit how much money will double on a coupon.


In many cases, stores are quite clever in setting up these limitations.

For example, a store may set a $0.99 limit on their doubled coupons. As a result, $1 coupons ? even though they are just a penny higher than the limit ? cannot be doubled. As a result, lower-value coupons may be worth more than those over the threshold.


Which Stores Double Coupons?


The number of stores that double coupons will vary depending on multiple elements.

For example, stores available across the nation may double in certain parts of the country but not in others. One instance of this is Kroger’s. This supermarket will double coupons in many northern states but does not do so in southern states like Alabama.


Many of these doubling options also vary depending on specific schedules.

For example, Fred Meyers stores in Alaska not only double their coupons but accept manufacturer coupons. Not every store provides this benefit, so coupon collectors should focus on these groups to get the best results. Likewise, some store’s may only double coupons on certain days.


For example, Fred’s in Arkansas doubles up to $0.50 only on Saturday.

By contrast, Albertsons in the same state will double up to $0.50 coupons every day and triple up to $0.39. At this point, most readers likely realize that coupon doubling and tripling is more common in smaller chains or single stores in a state. However, Wal-Mart in Santa Clarita California does double coupons, which makes it one of the few destinations of this chain to do so.


The population and size of a state also potentially limit how many stores double coupons.

For example, relatively smaller states like Colorado only have a handful of doubling locations, including King Soopers and some Safeway locations. However, not every Colorado Safeway store will double coupons, so buyers must check with the store before assuming that doubling is okay.


A full list of every store in the country that doubles coupons would take up more room than is available here.

However, many wholesale clubs, local grocery stores, discount-based shops, and even specialty shops provide options for coupon doubling. For example, Delaware’s Meatland ? a meat outlet ? allows coupon doubling for shoppers.


On the same note, traditional stores, such as A&P in New Jersey, allow up to four like coupons per purchase with one coupon per item.

However, they do double these coupons, which will save the buyer money. So make sure to carefully research a store before assuming that they automatically double coupons, including asking the manager of the store about this practice.

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