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young living promo code

Young Living Promo Codes


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Lightning Deals – Look for the “lightning deals” section of the young living site to get select 30% discounts off of items.

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About Young Living

For the past 25 years, Young Living has been a world leader and household name in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality essential oil products.

Essential oils, which are extracted from nature, have been proven by several studies to boost health, improve one’s mood, and aid in maintaining one’s youthful glow and natural beauty.

Young Living has made it possible for anyone around the world to experience the benefits of using essential oils.

The company carefully abides by the standards of its Seed to Seal program, which regulates every process from the sourcing of the raw materials to the final product.

Essential oils are natural products, and Young Living makes sure to source only the best plants from which the consumers can get the most benefits.

The company is also up to speed on the latest innovations in essential oil extraction to produce the best quality products that have made Young Living the benchmark and industry leader in essential oils.

Young Living has made it its mission not just to be a global name in the natural wellness movement but also to empower like-minded individuals as they spread the word about essential oils and their benefits.

The products have since reached different markets because more and more people worldwide are discovering and enjoying Young Living Oils.

The company maintains its position as the leading manufacturer of essential oil products by always striving for bigger goals.

In its 25th year, it embarks on a new mission: The 5×5 Pledge.

Through this program, Young Living hopes to achieve the following:


1. Empower 5 times more people by means of the D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation;

2. Do good for the earth by achieving Zero Waste in 5 years;

3. Reach 5 million more homes within 5 years;

4. Develop at least 5 company-owned or partner farms annually;

5. Open at least 5 new markets per year.


The Products

Since its humble beginnings, Young Living has been steadily expanding its product lines to suit every consumer’s needs and tastes.

1. Singles: These are individually-packaged oils that can be applied and used as necessary. They are of a singular note, such as rose, bergamot, and cinnamon. For essential oil beginners, this is a great way to start your collection and healing journey with oils. One of the best things about Young Living is that they have the largest selection of single essential oils in the market, so consumers can be sure to find the right oil for their needs, every time.

2. Blends: Essential oils have been known to heal a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. Each variant of our Essential Oil Blends consists of single notes carefully curated for almost any condition. There are variants that help relieve stress, enhance energy, or even promote rational thought.

3. Roll-Ons: These are the same, high-quality essential oils but in a more convenient roll-on package. They are ideal for travel or even just the daily commute so that one can experience the benefits of essential oils wherever he goes.

4. Massage Oils: Massage has many proven health benefits and combined with essential oils, it is an important part of one’s well-being. Young Living has a line of essential oil products designed to be used during a massage. Using these oils can maximize the benefits of both the massage.

5. Collections: For those who want to jumpstart their essential oil collection, these come in sets of 3 to 30. These are a good way to experience the different benefits of each oil and see which variants work best for the individual. They are also great to give away as gifts to friends and loved ones.

6. Plus Oil Range: These are specifically formulated, food-grade oils, so they can be added to recipes to enhance the flavor and boost your cooking’s nutritional value.

7. Thieves Products: Young Living developed a line of household cleaners and personal care products using a formula inspired by 15th-century thieves who used a blend of oils to protect themselves from getting caught. Today, these oils not only smell great together, but they can also be used as an alternative for industrial home cleaners. Thieves dental and personal care products are also available, so you can own a full range of natural, effective products for holistic wellness.

8. Savvy Minerals: This is Young Living’s all-natural mineral makeup line. It has a full range of products for different skin tones: foundations, lipsticks, bronzers, blushes and more. These are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and enhance one’s natural beauty.

9. Slique: For weight-conscious individuals, Young Living has formulated a range of weight management products using natural ingredients like cinnamon, vanilla, and orange. Included in this product range are snack bars, a tea blend, and an essential oil blend proven to reduce hunger pangs.

10. Ningxia Red: This is a unique, delicious beverage that promotes overall health. It is formulated with wolfberry and various other plant-based products.

11. Seedlings: This is a range of personal care products like body wash, wet wipes, and diaper cream for babies and sensitive skin.

Young Living also sells all the tools you need for your wellness journey, such as diffusers, dispensers, and carrying cases. For members hoping to grow their businesses, you can also purchase sample bottles and labels for letting your friends try out the products.


Membership Benefits

Young Living also has membership programs and incentives for people who want to distribute their essential oil products.

Members also get training and networking opportunities to help their small businesses thrive.


Their benefits include:

1. Generous compensation plan with good commissions and bonuses

Young Living designed its compensation plan specifically to help one start earning commissions right away.

As early as the first three months on the plan, you can earn up to $200 in bonuses for each new member you personally enrolled.

Commissions go up the higher one’s rank is.

There are also many special promos and incentives throughout the year to help members build their product line.

2. Getting products at wholesale value, not including monthly promotions and special prices.?All members automatically get products at 24% off the retail price. There are also plenty of products exclusive only to registered members so you get even more value for your money.

3. Essential Rewards Program wherein distributors can earn up to 25% value of each sale in Essential Rewards points. This a subscription service where the members can curate their own wellness boxes to be delivered to them each month. While it is not a requirement for members to avail of this, one can earn rewards points for every purchase. These rewards points can be used to redeem rewards or get discounts on future purchases. In addition, members on this service have perks like discounted shipping and bonuses.

4. Chance to participate in global events and conventions. In order to help new members get started on their business and for older members to continue honing their skills and knowledge. Young Living regularly holds conventions in various locations around the world. These exclusive events are good opportunities for members to hear success stories and be inspired to continue growing their business. Outstanding members and executives also have a chance to participate in the Global Leadership Cruise, an additional incentive for those who can sell a certain amount of products.

5. Sense of community between members and sponsors. What makes this business model unique and successful is the fact that members do their best to support each other. New members learn all about the basics of the business from their sponsors, who mentor them every step of the way. Likewise, sponsors and team leaders are trained to manage people and bring out the best in them. This sense of camaraderie is even easier to see during conventions and training, which gathers members from the community to share their product knowledge and business experience.

6. Access to training seminars and other educational opportunities.

In addition to the corporate events and global conventions, Young Living also holds product training seminars where members learn about new products and variants. For example, the Beauty School event lets members try new products and learn how to use them. Other even members look forward to is the Grow and Empower event, where members can learn more about the Seed to Seal promise, grow their knowledge on the Young Living products, meet new members and Young Living leaders, and explore the world of Young Living products.

Attendees are also sure to receive freebies and exclusive products. Check your area for talks and events nearest you.

7. Opportunities for recognition. Young Living recognizes the efforts of all its members, but outstanding individuals who consistently show great leadership prowess and have moved up the ranks can become part of an elite group — the Diamond Leaders. Members who have reached this level are recognized worldwide for their dedication and persistence in promoting Young Living products. Likewise, all other members who have gone up the ladder are also recognized in the monthly newsletter. These members can also avail of exclusive gear and products as thank you from the company for all their hard work.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why sell essential oils?

A: Essential oils are extracted from plant sources through a rigorous process.

As an all-natural material, oils carry with them many of the benefits of nature.

That said, different types of oils have their own unique benefits so several variants can be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle.

The key is to find the oils that suit you best. Fortunately, Young Living has the widest variety of high-quality essential oils, so you can be sure to find something in their selection that you can use.


Q: I am intimidated with the concept of essential oils… How can I start using them?

A: One of the best things about using essential oils is that they are so versatile.

As a starting point, you can just smell the different aromas and find a scent that makes you feel good.

You can then add a few drops to your diffuser and improve your room’s ambiance.

You can also bring the oils with you and apply them to your skin to relieve stress and headaches.

Many oils have also been proven to improve skin, so you can add easily add them to products in your skincare routine or apply directly to skin. (Be sure to test them on a small area first, though. Because essential oils are a natural product, they may contain some allergens so it’s best to try with a small amount first.)


Q: What is the Essential Rewards Program?

A: Essential Rewards is a monthly subscription service for members of Young Living. Members can choose their favorite products to be delivered to their doorstep each month.

Aside from getting these products at discounted prices, you also earn points with every order.

These points can be used for future purchases of Young Living products.


Q: Can I change the items in my Essential Rewards order any time and still receive the benefits of the program?

A: Yes, you may do so until 12 MN on your processing date (which depends on when you started your subscription).

Changes can be done on your online account at any time.


Q: Am I required to order items every month?

A: Yes. In order to avail of all the benefits of Essential Rewards (discounted shipping, earning and use of rewards points), you must place orders every month.


Q: Are members required to subscribe to Essential Rewards?

A: Essential Rewards is an optional service, so members may choose to subscribe later on.

But many members will recommend that you sign up as soon as you get your kit to be able to maximize the points you can earn.


Contact Young Living

Young Living is a global company with offices all over the world.

That said, anyone who wants to start their journey with essential oils can easily buy products online or contact a seller.

Head to to get started or purchase products.

You can also search your local Young Living website to find a reseller or distributor nearest you.


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